27 November Sunday

It’s Kharge Vs Tharoor: Congress President Polls On 17th

Web Desk(TvmUpdated: Saturday Oct 1, 2022

NEW DELHI : Even as Congress election for presidential post comes after 22 years, there appears no cooling for arguments within the party. Mallikarjun Kharge will contest in capacity as High Command’s official candidate while Shashi Tharoor flags sentiment ‘there must be change. ’KN Thripathi from Jharkhand has filed in his nomination too. The scrutiny day is slated for Saturday, today. The  deadline for pulling back papers is 8th of October.

Incidentally, opinion is divided on Kharge’s candidature. It’s better  someone from  northern state becomes the president, opined  P. Chidambaram.

After Tharoor announced there was no going back,  a race became imminent. He  bombarded Kharge with criticisms on the very first day. Those wishing change will support me;those wanting things to remain same will  stand by Kharge, sad Tharoor. There are 50 individuals  across 12 states  have signed in his support, said Tharoor, adding that, they were plain workers of the party. I am contesting to bring about big change to  Congress, claimed Tharoor.

AK Antony is first signatory on Kharge’s nomination paper. Ashok Ghelot, who opted out  to retain his CM stature, signed second. Kharge presented 14 sets in nomination papers while Tharoor submitted 5. Tharoor’s nomination paper came signed by MPs  Kartik Chadambaram, Pradhuth Bordole and Mhammed Javed.

Post Ghelot’s withdrawal, there took place a series of   hasty held meetings, at the end of which, High Command zeroed in on Kharge.  His nomination ensued given there is none other really left for Gandhi family to wholly trust. With outward stance that there is no official candidate, High Command did not announce Kharge as candidate as such. Even so with signature from party’s senior most leaders trickling on Kharge’s papers, the official candidate pointer is an open secret.