16 August Tuesday
V Muraleedharan faction's takeover of the party is absolute

Infighting Escalates : Wont Take Up Posts Say M.T Ramesh, Shobha Surendran, A.N. Radhakrishnan

Web Desk‌Updated: Friday Mar 6, 2020

KOCHI :   BJP's internal strife has just worsened after. one faction  was completely ruled out from office bearer appointments. In response, party seniors MT Ramesh, Shobha Surendran and AN Radhakrishnan put their foot down, informing central leadership that, they were unwilling to take up posts accorded to them.  Party General Secretary B Santhosh revealed the grim  state of affairs.


The rebellion   comes at a time when infighting is  already  on high gear over  V Muraleedharan and K Surendran taking control of the party, in utter  disregard for Krishnadas faction. No consultation was made while preparing the list of office bearers, the estranged leaders said.  Earlier, MS Kumar had informed K Surendran that he would not assume post as Party Spokesperson.


Revamp in state BJP recently  had pushed to fringes  General Secretaries MT Ramesh and Shobha Surendran from Krishnadas faction,  by handing them Vice President posts.  Later, with pressure from RSS, only  MT Ramesh was reinstated as General Secretary. Then came  proclamation of the new  office bearers  comprising N Sivranjan,  PM Velayudan and  KP Sreeshan, making  V Muraleedharan faction’s hold over  the party complete.


Appointing of M Ganeshan as General Secretary was the gain for  RSS  to speak of.  AN Radhakrishnan and Shobha Surendran from among  10 Vice Presidents plus MT Ramesh from among six General Secretaries and 3 Secretaries from a total of 10, are the only names that now remain from Krishnadas faction. Muraleedharan  also made an absolute take over of the youth wing by appointing 6  office bearers from his faction.   Incidentally, party General Secretaries George Kurien, C Krishnakumar and P Sudheer   and General Secretary from the Coordination Wing are close aides of K Surendran.


Krishnadas faction won majority  in  the election held  for District Presidents. The opinion poll later also yielded identical  results. And, K Surendran’s appointment as State President came overturning all of that.