03 December Friday
Idukki dam last opened in the historic floods of 2018.

Idukki Dam To Open If Rains Persist; Dams Will Not Be Opened All At Same Time: Minister K Krishnankutty

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Monday Oct 18, 2021

Thiruvananthapuram : If heavy rains continue, it will become necessary to open the Idukki dam, said Minister K Krishnankutty., ading that, it will be endeavored to see that Iduki and Idamalayar dam shall not open up simultaneously. If dire weather  persists, there is no option but to open the dams. The water level in Idukki dam reservoir has currently reached 2397.14 ft. Although there is sight decrease of inflow to the the dam, the water level in the dam is expected to rise further.

The dam is capacitated  for maximum storage of 2408 ft. Once water levels reach 2398 feet, Red Alert shall be issued for the dam. In view of more rains forecast starting 20th, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, informed of entrusting  an Expert Committee  with decisions on  opening of dams. The decision was announced at an high-level meeting chaired by CM in the capital today, said K Krishnankutty.

The Expert Committee will evaluate water levels of each dam before deciding on opening of its shutters or otherwise. As per decision at the high-level meeting, the Expert Committee shall inform the concerned District Collector hours in advance before the dams come to be actually opened. Such protocol will enable evacuation of residents from risky places before dam waters flood places,

Idukki dam last opened in the historic floods of 2018.