03 February Friday

Hosting Weddings In Mosque: High Court Rules To Issue Notice

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Thursday Dec 1, 2022

Kochi : The High Court on Thursday directed to issue notce to president and secretary of Thekekkara Muhuiddin Jumasjid in Erattupetta, in connection with the  petition filed by the State Waqf Board challenging decision to conduct marriages inside the mosque. Contested in the case is decision from Thekkakar Jumamasjid in Eratupetta that allows  marriages of family members aligned to the mosque to conduct marriages inside the mosque.

The  ruling for issuance of notice came from Division Bench comprising SV Batti and Basant Balaji over  the petition filed by Husaain Valliyaveetil.

Petition perspective :
Marriages up to now were conducted at homes or auditoriums. Recently however, there has come about decision to allow conduct of  Nikahs inside mosque.

Given that women are not allowed inside of mosques, several family members on both sides would be unable to attend the ceremony. Equally left out would be the family friends who belong to the non-Muslim community.

The Waqf Board reserves right to intervene in such matters. The court intervention became necessary after the Molhalla Committee remains unresponsive to notice sent in this regard, says the petition .