28 November Monday

Haridas Murder : Court Rejects Bail Plea Of 2 BJP Culprits

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Saturday May 7, 2022

Thalasserry  : The Thalasserry District Court on Saturday rejected bail pleas of 2 RSS - BJP culprits in connection with murder of CPIM worker Punul Haridas. Rejected for bail were : 1st accused K Lijesh and 11th accused Prajith. The two  took direct part in the slaying and must not be released on bail, asserted public prosecutor Ajith Kumar.

The BJP Mandalam President and first accused, Lijeash, plotted the plan  and supplied weapons for the crime. He was  part of the assailant gang that hacked Haridasan to death in front of his wife and family. Lijesh has seven cases pending with the New Mahe police station..

Is this the kind of person the people elected as Councilor, asked Additional District Sessions (1) judge, AV Mridhula,. amid the hearing.  BJP Mandalam Secretary and 11th accused, Prijesh aka Multi Priji, too directly partook in the conspiracy and the killing. The  Prosecution further informed the court that.  Multi Priji is accused in 8 cases with Pallur station and 1 with Chokli police station, of which 2 involve murder and 5 relate to bombings. The court  earlier had turned down bail pleas of 10 others accused in the case.

Backdrop : Haridasan was hacked to death by RSS - BJP assailants, in the morning of  21st February.