27 September Wednesday

Thikkodi Group Feud ; More Resignations In BJP

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Thursday Jan 12, 2023

Payyoli : More resignations kick in in Thikkodi over BJP President’s dissolution of the Panchayat Committee.  Committee members putting in their resignations were :  Adv. AV Sunilkumar, KK Divakaran, Binsi Shaji and P Balachandran, secretary of the Farmers' Morcha constituency.

The outgoing members warn of mass regignations, should the District Secretary not withdraw his dissolution step. Among those who resigned, Pilachery Viswanathan, who stepped down as Mandal Vice President, is the biggest headache to the leadership,  given his wide influence among party workers regionally. The  drain of activists at bhooth level  is proving to be a strain.