23 March Thursday

Fuel-LPG Price Hike : CPI(M) Prepares For Countrywide Protests Against Centre

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Monday Oct 25, 2021

New Delhi : There will be nationwide protests held against centre’s hike spree of fuel-LPG prices, said CPI(M) General Scretary Sitaram Yechury. Strong protests  shall be organised at village, taluk and city level. People are reeling under growing inflation. The Modi government is looting the public. The statement from union ministers is rather ridiculous that free vaccines are being afforded from Excise Duty on fuel costs, said Yechury at press conference on Monday.

The central government is inventing lies to cover lapses on its side during the pandemic. Only 60 percent of the population have been vaccinated so far and only 21  percent have received 2 doses. The claim of ‘free vaccine’ is not exactly right. It is BJP government’s trick to come upon  money for its expenditure excesses. The centre must clarify what happened to the 35,000 crore rupees mentioned in the Budget. The 100-crore vaccine celebration is meant throw smokescreen around governmental lapses related to Covid. We shall not allow sale of the country's public sector. The power crisis from coal shortage is owing to lack of proper planning, said Yechury.

Political detainees in Jammu Kashmir should be released. Innocents are being taken into illegal custody and killed. Unfair detentions must stop. Kashmir’s statehood should be restored, demanded Yechury.