04 October Wednesday

Fire Breaks Out At Kerala Medical Services Building in Alappuzha

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Saturday May 27, 2023

Alappuzha : Fire breaks out in Kerala Medical Services Corporation Building in Alappuzha. The blaze started after bleaching powder stored in the godown, west of Vandanam Govt TD Medical College, caught fire past Friday midnight at 1.30 am.  The bleach were stored in two rooms of the godown. The security guard noticed the fire soon as it started and tried to douse it unsuccessfully before calling the police. Three Fire Tenders from Alappuzha unit extinguished the fire later.

The blaze gutted 29,000 kg bleaching powder. Also burnt in the fire were 7 air-conditioners fitted in warehouse in the area that stocked medicines. The fire did not enter this area though.

Bleach powder lost to fire was worth Rs 15 lakh, said Managing Director Dr. Shibulal who visited the site. Other damages including the gutted A/Cs amounted to roughly Rs 18.5 lakhs.  A fire audit was carried out of the warehouse just two days ago. Heightened temperature is believed to have sparked the fire.