29 September Thursday

Fashion Jewelry Fraud : “Offering Justification Over Defrauding People?’, CM Asks Oppn.

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Monday Oct 11, 2021

Thiruvananthapuram : In the Assembly on Mnday, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan  slammed the Opposition for attempting to justify Fashion Jewelry scam. The views justifying the doings in the scam came from Muslim League MLA N Shamsuddin.

Does Opposition feel no kind of shame to be justifying  a fraud like this?, asked CM. One should not come out in the open like this to shield culprits and explain a massive fraud as business fiasco. If a scam of this kind does not snap nerves, then what possibly could fray tempers?; What does it indicate for  a member of this Assembly to stoop to  justify an elaborate  scam of this kind? asked CM.

IMonson Mavunkal : In context of Monson Mavunkal antiques fraud, CM said the investigations were progressing well. There is no proof of Monsoon’s participation in Cocoon Summit and no complaint has been heard yet of his practicing treatment, said CM.

Sabarimala : Investigations are underway into “Chembola(Palm leaf script)” relating to Sabarimala. If there be detected any offence, the culprit will face stringent action, said CM. The government never used Chembola for any kind of propaganda, said CM, hinting that there is a complaint in the regard against a prominent political figure.