26 March Sunday

Farmers, Victims To Right Wing Corporate Enslavement; Anti-farmers Laws Must Be Withdrawn: CM

Web Desk‌Updated: Tuesday Dec 1, 2020

Kochi: Instead of resolving distress faced by farming community – the country’s backbone -, the centre  is engaged in suppressing their protest, said Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan. The government should abandon oppressive tactics and face up to the farmers. Why is it afraid to do that?  asked CM on FB in a post on Tuesday.

The farmers’ agitation is swelling into a national movement. The past few days has seen the uprising expand into the biggest up to now. A rebellion of this kind has precedent in history - history - one set in 1990s, Back then, there arose countrywide agitation against neo-liberal laws introduced by Congress. The history of farmers’ agitation is one  soaked in the tears and blood of over 3 lakh farmers who committed suicide owing to miseries of life.

Now once again, they decided to take to streets as the only hopes left too are being trampled upon by the government. The farming community is by large victims of corporate enslavement oiled  by laws right-wing parties governments  - the Congress and BJP – that ruled major part of the country for years.

At least now, the government should stopping seeing the farmers as its enemy. The protest should be lulled by meeting their basic demands. The centre should become willing for systematic and honest talks. Anti-farmer laws should be withdrawn and replaced with farmer-friendly ones. Making life secure for farmers is imperative for the country’s bright future. The government should realize this and make amends, said CM.