19 January Tuesday

Crores Swindled By Muneer’s Brother-in-law in Land Fraud

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Monday Nov 30, 2020

Kozhikode: Deputy leader of Opposition M.K. Muneer’s brother-in-law scammed several people by selling the same plot of land to each of them and collecting over 17 crores on the deals, said  complaints lodged by victims with police. A 2-and-half acre plot adjoining Minjantha bypass in Kozhikode was shown to potential buyers as bait.

Incidentally, no transactions can be made on the said land as it is under litigation at High Court over claims that Muneer’s brother bought it using another man’s money and transferred it onto his name illegally. The fraudulent sales now exposed were made without the victims made aware of the litigation. Persons who fell prey to the fraud claim, the cheating was done with full knowledge of senior Muslim League seniors.

The first purchaser who fell for the plot lost Rs 3.57 crores and second one Rs 1.14 crore. Over and above, Rs 42 lakh was swindled from one Kozhikode native and Rs 20 lakh from another in early deals. As soon as the Kozhikode natives learnt of litigation tangle, a contract was drawn to allow the land on lease. The scam came to light when, another purchaser came along during the lease period,  looking to buy the land. Co-operative banks too got conned  since the land mortgaged with the bank against loan,  now can neither be transacted or used for construction purpose owing to impending litigation.