19 January Tuesday

Coronavirus : 3966 New Infections; 4544 Recoveries; 3348 Contact Cases; Deaths 23

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Friday Nov 27, 2020

Kerala Tracker => Confirmed Cases 5,87,707; Recoveries 5,21,522 ; Under Treatment 63,885 ; Deaths 2171


Thiruvananthapuram : The state recorded  3966 fresh Covid-19 cases today taking the total for confirmed cases so far in the pandemic to 5,87,707. There were 3348 contact infections reported during the day, of which the virus source to 488 cases remains untraced. On other data for the day, there were 23 covid deaths and 4544 recoveries. With this, state death-toll in the pandemic rose to 2171 and recoveries to 521,522. A total of  63,885  persons remain under treatment currently.

The new infections today include 81 cases pertaining  to travelers from states outside and  49 health workers.

New cases: The districtwise breakup for the day’s 3966 new infections is : Malappuram 612;  Ernakulam 397; Kozhikode 374;  Palakkad 351;  Kottayam 346;   Thiruvananthapuram 262;  Alappuzha 236;  Kollam 229;  Pathanamthitta 159;  Idukki 143;  Kannur 131;  Wayanad 105;  Kasaragod 96.

Contact cases: The split for the day’s 3348 contact cases  across districts figures at  : Malappuram 574;  Thrissur 507;  Ernakulam 261;  Kozhikode 340;  Palakkad 176;  Kottayam 341;   Thiruvananthapuram 177;  Alappuzha 224;  Kollam 219;  Pathanamthitta 120;  Idukki 121;  Kannur  107;  Wayanad 98;  Kasaragod 83.

Recoveries: The districtwise tally for the day’s  3348 recoveries is : Thiruvananthapuram 334; Kollam 378; Pathanamthitta 127; Alappuzha 251; Kottayam 202; Idukki 174; Ernakulam 476; Thrissur 826; Palakkad 228; Malappuram 779; Kozhikode 455; Wayanad 93; Kannur 136;   Kasaragod 85.

Deaths: The identities pertaining to 23 deceased whose covid result were confirmed as positive today are -   Thiruvananthapuram    Naruvamoodnative Vatsala(64);  Pallikkal native Radhakrishnan(70);  Pathanamthitta Konni native Kunjumol(64);  Konni native KR Balan(66);  Alappuzha Cherthala native Thomas(87);  Thalavadi native Prasanna(63);  Chenganoor native Anamma Raju(71);  Kottayam Omaloor native Oseph(68);  Mallasserry native PC Philip(72);  Kottayam native KC John(80);  Kottayam native Leela Chandrashekaran(42);  Ernakulam Chellanam native Gracy John(65);  Aluva native Joseph Babu(68);  Thrissur Punayoor native Achamma(67);  Madakattara native Devaki Amma(85);  Kaipamangalam native Ibrahim(75);  Kottayangloor native KA Joseph(65);  Guruvayoor native IS Vasu(80);  Malappuram Kokoor native Korthyani(69);  Kondatti native Omachetti(80);  Malappuram native Ali(74);  Bhruthanam natie Narayanan(71);  Kozhikode Karikulam native MP Hamsan(87).

Testing, quarantine, hotspots
61,14,029 samples have been subject to testing in the pandemic so far, - up by 39,108  in the past 24 hours.
A total of 3,13,608  people are under observation currently of whom, 16,077  remain quarantined various hospitals and the remaining 2,97,531  are being monitored in their homes/institutions. 1594 people were newly admitted into hospitals during today for observation purposes. Presently 63,885 people remain under treatment in various hospitals across the state.

There were 2 new hotspots  declared today, while 20 areas were taken off the list. Total hotspots currently in the state :527.