31 March Tuesday

Cops Must Not Lean Into Vehicles During Inspections; Wearing Masks, Gloves Compulsory : DGP

Web Desk‌Updated: Thursday Mar 26, 2020

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM : State DGP Lokanath Behera asked police to refrain themselves from checking vehicle’s interiors by bending into them. They have been further instructed to compulsorily wear gloves and masks on duty.


The chief also askes his men  to touch no vehicle occupants during  inspections, except with gloved hands. In situations where the car’s trunk has laid open for checking, the policemen must take adequate precautions, DGP said.


Upon flagging a vehicle pull over, policemen should keep safe distance from persons inside and  avoid talking to them at length.


Until further notice, the  use of breath analyzer should be put on hold. Finally cops must was hands more frequently as safeguard against possible infection, DGP said.