08 December Wednesday
Congress is mimmicking the BJP stratagem with eyes on upcoming Assembly elections

“Congress Accomplished Ramrajya”, Advertises Congress In A North Indian Daily

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Friday Oct 15, 2021

New Delhi : Congress once again played  Ramrajya card hoping to hold up  in the northern belt. Congress’s ad in Dhainik Bhaskar claims, it was Rajiv Gandhi who ordered Babri Masjid open for allowing Hindu devotees to do pooja there. The ad from Congress leader and former Chief Minister Ramnath appears on the newspaper’s front page and it goes without saying,  the mimmicking  of BJP stratagem  is  with view to upcoming Assembly polls.

The full page ad claims it is Congress that achieved the notion of  Ramrajya(rule of Rama). In 1986, then  U.P. Chief Minister, Bahdhur Singh, opened Ramajanmabhoomi to Hindu devotees on instructions from  Rajiv Gandhi, the ad read. It was Congress that laid the foundation for Ram Temple, said the ad further.