27 March Monday

Exaggeration of Accidental Error; Thanks To Those That Pointed Out Mistake: Chintha Jerome

Web Desk (Tvm)Updated: Tuesday Jan 31, 2023

Thiruvananthapuram :  An accidental lapse has been exaggerated to unleash  distorted news campaign against me; the mistake in thesis shall be corrected when it publishes as a book,  said  Chairperson of the Youth Commission Chintha Jerome at a press conference, adding that, she was  thankful to those who pointed out  mistake in her research paper.

Not a single line in the thesis has been lifted from anywhere.  It had been reviewed several times. Even so there has been error.  What followed is, personal attack on that count. No consideration was accorded to me  as evem a woman. I accept the criticism with open mind, said Chintha.

Do not please call a painstaking work as stolen stuff. It is but a human error caused by oversight. If there be attempt to use to undo social service done for  years, I shall face it with a chuckle, said Chintha.

Chinta Jerome's subject for PhD s  was : “The ideological foundation of Malayalam commercial cinema in the neo-liberal times”.  She completed her  research in English literature and obtained  doctorate in 2021. It  is a statement from that thesis that has become centre of the storm.