06 August Friday

Spoke With Rahul All That I Wished To; Meeting Satisfactory: Chennithala

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Friday Jun 18, 2021

New Delhi :  “I talked everything I wished to with Rahul. The meeting was satisfactory”,  said Ramesh Chennithala. “It is true that Oomen Chandy and I expressed certain concerns regarding parliamentary party election. I have explained the details thereof t to Rahul Gandh and also spoke at length on various reasons  for debacle in Assembly elections,”  Chennithala told reporters after the  meeting in Delhi.

“I shall continue to work for Congress party even there be no  apparent post. The heaviness bearing  on my mind has gone away after meeting with Rahul Gandhi. Oomen Chandy and I have stood by High Command at all times. We have always accepted any decision taken by Sonia Gandhi and Rahul and acted accordingly. That will continue in future too,” said Chennithala. Sonia Gandhi spoke with Oomen Chandy over telephone, Chennithala added.