30 June Thursday

Charting New Direction, Sammelanam Enters Day 3: Debate Begins On Vision Document For Development of Kerala

K. SreekantanUpdated: Thursday Mar 3, 2022

Kochi : As CPI(M) State Sammelanam(Conference)  enters its third day, the message emanating  is : March forward unified and  charting new direction on par with times.  Last night, the debate on Activity Report, presented by State Secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, saw its conclusion. Today 9.30 am commenced, the  debate on   Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan’s roadmap for Kerala’s development,  timelined  25 years.  The deliberations will  five long hours.

At 6.30 pm, Kodiyeri will respond to discussions concluded on the Activity Report presented Wednesday. Friday morning 10.30 am,  CM will respond to debate concluded on  development roadmap for Kerala.

Election of members to the State Committee and representatives for Party Congress shall also take place Friday.

The Kochi State Sammelanam will theme into history over  roadmap for development. No other political  party can claim presenting state development draft  and carrying out discussions thereof. CPI(M) thus  puts forward practical alternative to counter  BJP policies.

Discussions on the Activity Report reinforced the duty to broaden supporters’ base for the party. Delegates shared view for further bolstering the party giving  it the leverage to make  strong political interventions.

The media is  disappointed by the conclave’s stride to   new directions with a complete  lack of divisive signs. It’s attempts to elicit differences largely fell flat. With Kodiyeri’s  extensive account on the  development draft at press conference, the media claim on policy differences too crumbled. The development draft presented at Sammelanam generated much enthusiasm among the public. Post CM’s reply and Sammelanam approval, the draft will lend big hopes for Kerala.