24 September Sunday

Centre Looting Public With Price Hike of Petroleum Products; DYFI Protest Today At Meghala Centres

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Wednesday Mar 23, 2022

Kochi : The Centre is looting  public with its hiking spree of petroleum products, said DYFI State Secretariat in a statement.  DFYI will hold protest against the hike at its meghala(regional unit) centres, it said.

Petroleum products are on  highest-ever rate  in the country’s history. Hiking of  petrol and diesel prices burdens the commoners with added tax even as they  struggle  under onslaught of Covid crisis. This kind of inflation impacts all aspects of the people’s  life. The fuel price hike is challenge thrown up to the country and its people.

Cooking gas has been upped by Rs 50 in just a single day. The Modi government has made life unbearable for the common man. The Central government is not one for the people. Rather they all for the giant corporates and oil companies.

Incessant hiking of fuel prices causes inflation that  hampers economic growth. Rise in price of everyday commodities  impacts consumer state like Kerala adversely. We have not forgotten BJP’s promising to provide petrol for Rs 50 a litre. Unabated, the Central govt stands by corporate majors to distress the public and there must rise strong protest against this, the statement read.