28 September Tuesday
Sporting events shall be held in biobubbles

Cautious Re-opening: WIPR-based Restrictions; Biobubbles For Sporting Events and Tourism

Web Desk‌Updated: Thursday Aug 5, 2021

Thiruvananthapuram :  Over and above TPR for a region, Covid restrictions from now on will be based on Weekly Infection-Population Rate(WIPR). Only a  maximum of 40 persons will be allowed at places of worship and only 20 will be allowed at death related rituals. The TPR-based restrictions have been effective in terms of controlling spread and present relaxations have come on back of expert opinion and in consideration of larger demand, said Health Minister Veena George in line with Rule 300 of the Legislative Assembly Act.

Despite festivities, strict vigil should be excercised given that the third wave is impending.  Business owners should ensure no crowding occurs. Police and local self-government institutions should oversee curb implementations, the minister said. Except for regions under triple lock, all outlets and government offices may remain open Monday to Friday. Trainings including those of sports may be conducted. However, students shall attend classes only online. All vehicles are allowed to ply. No vaccination is necessary for children for visiting shops.

WIPR-based Restrictions
Restrictions including lockdowns will now be based on Weekly Infection-Population  Rate(WIPR). WIPR for a region is arrived by taking case numbers reported by panchayats, municipalities or corporations, then  multiplied by thousand and divided by total population in the area. The figure arrived thus would  denote case per 1000 of the population there and  will form basis for the kind of restriction applicable. For regions that report infections more than 10 per thousand of their population, a one week strict lockdown will come into force.

Biobubbles and other measures
Biobubble spaces will be set up across sites including tourist centres and sports event venues. A bio-bubble is an invisible shield i.e. safe and secure environment that can only be accessed  by a certain set of people who have tested negative for covid. Social distancing, testing and curbs shall be intensified and sporting events held strictly in biobubbles only.

●   Restrictions will depend on case numbers
●   Strict lockdown at places where WIPR is above 10
●   Business outlets may remain open Monday to Friday 7 m to 9 pm night
●   Lockdown on Sunday
●   No lockdown however on 15   and 22 August
●   Banks may remain open on Saturday
●   No dining in restaurants. However food may be served in parking lot, open spaces and vehicles.
●   Online food deliveries up to 9.30 am
●   Online deliveries allowed for malls too
●   Current limits will apply for weddings and death related rites
●   Government offices and public sector units to remain open Monday to Friday.
●   Shopkeepers and locals should have an eye on cramming around their place
●   Vaccines shall given to senior citizens on fixed weekly days
●   Vaccination shall be encouraged at private hospitals too
●   Social distancing of 1 person per 25 sq ft should be observed at shops