30 March Thursday

This Govt Will Protect Keralites ; Will Come To Aid Of Those Targeted By RSS : Pinarayi on CAA

Web Desk‌Updated: Thursday Jan 16, 2020

KOLLAM : Pledging to ensure constitutionality  and secularism in the state, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said, this government is committed to ensure protection for  Keralites.

No Malayali will be faced with  crisis on account of the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act(CAA). This government will stand by those, whom RSS seek to segregate. Setting an example, Kerala, from its deep sense of justice and constitutional outlook, moved the Supreme Court against CAA, said  Pinarayi.

He was speaking at the inaugural of Protect The Constitution rally in Kollam’s Cantonment Maidan  .

To defend against this discriminative law that threatens the very existence of this country,  I repeat, members belonging to all segments should come together in protest, the minister said. Each group protest undoubtedly  has a strength of its own. Yet, there lies enormous power beyond that. Let us all unite to protect secularism. Not all persons have understood the danger the country is faced with, in terms of its existence. They are the ones who resist united protest.  All I can say of them is “What a Pity.”

This is Kerala. We have lived together in oneness without religious, caste or faith distinctions. States across the country took note of the  moves we made in  show of  our strength and solidarity. Unfortunately, a few narrow minds cant come to terms with it. If their resistance is   meant for  argument sake, there are so many other topics to pick on.


The National Population Register (NPR) survey will not happen in Kerala, Pinarayi said.  This dossier is building block to the National Register of Citizens(NRC). No NPR and therefore no NRC – that’s the firm assurance from government of Kerala. Also, there need be no anxiety over the survey being carried out  by Anganwadi teachers. It is  only  meant for purposes of social welfare measures in the State, the Chief Minister said.

RSS men have no qualms about lying. Bigger the RSS man, bigger his lies. This is why PM Narendra Modi concocted a big lie  in Delhi, about Register of Citizens. It came at a time when protests against Citizenship Amendment and citizen’s register,  erupted across the country and globe. PM kept under wraps the fact that, population register is the first step towards the ominous National Register of Citizens. Union Home Minister Amit Shah had  declared earlier how data from National Population Register would be processed to collaborate with National Register of Citizens.

 BJP government had laid foundations to CAA way back in 2003. Each of these moves is meant to carry out RSS plans for the nation - one step at a time ; in eerie resemblance to what Hitler did in Germany, said Pinarayi, concluding his address.