24 July Wednesday
AKG had euquated Malabar rebellion to Paris Communion for which, the British arrested hm.

Anti-British Sentiment Undeniable In Malabar Rebellion; Was Part Of Freedom Movement : A. Vijayaraghavan

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Tuesday Aug 24, 2021

Malappuram: Those dismissive of  Malabar rebellion have a pro-British mindset, said CPI(M) acting secretary, A. Vijayaraghavan. AKG had equiated Malabar rebellion to Paris Communion. and the British police, who tried to give it communal hues,  had arrested him on that accoount. RSS is currently pursuing that distorted British perception. Malabar rebellion was undoubtedly part of India's  struggle for Independence.

The central government\s removal of names will not erase that chapter from history. Those seeking to communalise history are discomforted by that uprising. The rebellion was fundamentally against feudalism and imperialism. Historians, both Indian and foreign, who have studied the it in depth have endorsed that truth. All of them put anti-British sentiment as the overriding causative. The Communist Party in 1946 has detailed the incident in its resolution titled “1921 – The Call and Warning”.

That resolution underscored the courageous spirit of the fighters and dismissed the communal instances as having been caused by flawed organising. The analysis was arrived at by examining all aspects of the rebellion.

At that time, British framed laws to preserve feudalism.  Malabar rebellion was one of the most effectively organised  uprising against the ruthless exploitatis of the feudal lords. The protests they raised came to upheld during the national movement later, said Vijayaraghavan.