07 June Wednesday

Amit Shah Should Apologise For Insulting People of Kerala; Why’s UDF Quiet? : Min Muhammad Riyas

Web Desk‌Updated: Monday Feb 13, 2023

Thiruvananthapuram : The controversial statement from Amit Shah is an insult to people of Kerala.   Kerala is  role model of  religious harmony for rest of the country to see and to be insulting such  State is nothing but insult to  its people. Amit Shah should become willing to correct his statement and offer apology, said Minister Muhammed  Riyas responding to Shah’s  inappropriate reference to Kerala.

This nation and its government has accorded several recognitions to Kerala. Kerala is no. 1 in terms of law and order. Kerala ranks first in the matter on religious harmony. Kerala is growing by leaps and bounds in tourism, industry and other sectors. These are not achievements personal to the State government. Rather this is collective accomplishment of the people of Kerala, its political parties put together and all other segments.  This is how unique the  people of Kerala are.

What's amazing about  this statement is that it does not an attack any political party in particular. Rather, it is a character assassination of all of Kerala’s people.  It is also surprising that none in UDF’s leadership ranks has reacted to this statement.

What is KPCC president’s take on Amit Shah’s remark? What’s the Opposition Leader’s reaction to what  Shah said ?  What caused  PK Kunhalikutty Sahib to choose silence on the comment ?  General public consider  it good to be knowing answers to these. The UDF leadership remains silent as it is Left government ruling the State currently.  This demeanor adds fuel to making a mockery of people in Kerala, said Minister Riyas.

Context : Amit Shah in an election rally in Karnataka said, only BJP govt could keep the state safe, tagging that the fact that it has Kerala adjoining.