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Amboori Rakhi Murder: 3 Including Army Man Get Life Imprisonment

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Friday Jun 9, 2023

)L-R) Akhil R. Nair, Rahul R. Nair, Adarsh Nair

Thiruvananthapuram : All three, including Army man, get life imprisonment in the  Amboori  Raki murder. The sentencing  came from  Thiruvananthapuram 6th Sessions Court.  Convicted for murder are  : Akhil, his older brother Rahul and their friend Adarsh. Each is also required to pay fine of Rs 4.5 lakhs.

The crime dates back to 21 June 2019. At that time, Akhil, worked as an Army driver  and Rakhi worked at a private firm in Kalamassery. The two developed a friendship following a miscall on phone. A romantic relationship evolved and the couple made plans to marry. Meanwhile, Akhil had a change of heart and decided to marry a girl native to  Anthoorkonam  According to the culprits, Rakhi, who learnt of this, threatened to reveal their relationship and Akhil decided on murder as a way to prevent that.

The prosecution examined 94 witnesses, 92 items and 178 documents were laid as evidences in the case. Rakhi’s mobile phone proved to be big lead for police to solving of the case.

Rakhi’s  body was discovered only a month after her murder on 24th  of July 2019. She was strangulated, stripped and her nude body buried in a shallow grave covered with salt. The trio planted a Arecanut sapling over the patch to avoid attention.

The police first arrested the 3rd accused, Rahul then proceeded to arrest Rahul on 25th and Akhil on the 29th.

The  Murder.
On 21 June, Akhil  phoned Rakhi, a native of Poovar, to meet him at Neyyatinkara bus stop.  The two were romantically involved and he told her they were going to see the new house he built in Amboori. Rahul and Adarsh also joined the couple in the car.  Rakhi was seated in the front passenger seat. As the vehicle neared Thattanmukku, Akhil who was seated behind, strangled her using seat belt.

After the murder, the three  buried her body behind Akhil’s new house in Thattanmukku. He then left for his workplace in Ladakh while Adarsh and Rahul drove  to Guruvayur.

Rakhi’s father Rajan filed a missing report with the police.  Adarsh, who was first arrested in the case had confessed to the crime leading to arrests of the other two.