07 July Thursday

All Promises Govt Made Shall Be Delivered With Backing From Public: CM

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Saturday Mar 19, 2022

Kollam : Whatever the government promised to deliver shall be realised with backing from the public, said Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan. No project shall remain just on paper, said CM speaking at inaugural of KSTA State Conference in Kollam.

SilverLine project will materialise. The government endevours to create Nava Keralam(a new Kerala). Public in the state are all for it. Incidents of late indicate there  are a few however  who are bent on blocking development. The Congress-led Opposition poises itself  as blockade to State’s progress.

Their mindset is to not allow Kerala advance even an inch forward. That’s been their mission for some time now. However, tiding over such resistance of theirs, Kerala  is on path of progress today  They are back at their game once again and  the people see it through. No project announced for shall be allowed to stay just on paper; all projects shall be implemented with backing from the public, said CM.