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Actress Assault Case : Judge Opts Out Of Petition Submitted By Survivor

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Tuesday May 24, 2022

Kochi : The judge at High Court on Tuesday offered to opt out  from hearing of petition submitted by victim of the Actress Assault Case of 2017.  Turning away and instead forwarding the case the another Bench has been Justice Kausar Edapagath.

The survivor had reached the court seeking to question  moves to end case against the accused actor’s advocates despite more evidences coming out regarding their involvement  to influence witnesses.

Actress Assault Case 2017: In the case the survivor, a popular actress, was  on way from her Thrissur home when she was  waylaid on the outskirts of Kochi by a gang. After hi-jacking her car, the prime accused, Pulsar Suni, molested her and captured visuals of the act on mobile The crime is alleged to have been  perpetrated at behest of actor Dileep.