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Dileep and Co-accused Must Submit Their Phones on Monday; A Total Of 6 Mobiles

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Saturday Jan 29, 2022

Kochi : The High Court on Friday directed actor Dileep and other accused persons to surrender their mobile phones on Monday, in connection with their alleged involvement in conspiracy  to murder former investigator in the actress assault case of 2017.

A total of six phones have to be produced on Monday, namely 3 mobiles  belonging to Dileep, two of his brother Anoop and one owned by his brother-in-law Suraj. Dileep had argued against submission of phones, stating it infringed his right to privacy.  The court refuted that argument citing the Supreme Court judgement on Aadhar that stated otherwise. To actor’s offer to have his device examined by an expert personally, the court said the proposition contradicted law. Only forensic labs designated by the governments are eligible to conduct such examination,  the court clarified. The court quoted a recent Karnataka verdict to make its point.

The actor said the police and media were hounding him and that he deserved consideraton from the court.  Dileep also  claimed the phones were in Mumbai and he needed time until Tuesday. The court rejected the argument.  The prosecution urged the court to quash current protection against arrest if the actor failed to produce the phones, adding that, the actor was not cooperating with the probe.

The prosecution initially asked for surrender of seven mobiles, four of which, it said, belonged to Dileep. The actor however denied having a fourth device. The prosecution only had on hand the IMI number of the fourth device it demanded.