29 June Wednesday

19 directors to make their debut in 26th IFFK

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Friday Mar 11, 2022

IFFK is set to witness new filmmakers with their engrossing debuts.  The Debut films of nineteen filmmakers including five women are selected to be screened under various categories. Most of the debuts fall under the category of International Competition. The Malayalam films under this segment are Krishand  R K’s Aavasa Vyuham  and Tara Ramanujan’s Nishiddho.   Vinod Raj’s   Pebbles (Tamil)  is another South Indian Movie to be screened in this segment .Nathalie Alvarez Mesen’s Clara Sola  which has won Guldbagges award for best screenplay, Antoneta Kusijanovic’s Murina, Dina Amer’s You Resemble Me, and Mounia  Akl’s Costa Brava Lebanon will be screened for International Competition.

Uddarani of Vignesh P. Sasidharan, Vishnu Narayan's Bannerghatta, Sanu Vargese’s  Aarkkariyam, Krishnendhu Kalesh’s Hawk’s Muffin, Atal Krishnan’s Women with a Movie Camera will be the among the Malayalam debuts arriving at the festival.

Baagh, a Bengali movie of Sourish Dey, The Deep6 of Madhuja Mukherjee Amitabha Chatterjee’s Kuyasar Majhe,   Faraz Ali’s   Shoebox, Amitabha Chaterji’s  Kuyasar Majhe and Bhojpuri director Aravind Pratap’s Life is Suffering, Death is Salvation will be  premiered under category Indian Cinema Now.