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'Sweet Nineties Memories'; 'Pallotty 90's Kids' First Look Poster

Web Desk‌Updated: Friday Sep 16, 2022

'Pallotty 90's Kids' fills the memories of the 90s with pure bliss and charm.

The first look poster of 'Pallotty 90's Kids', the first film produced by actor-director Sajid Yahiya under the banner of CinemaPranthan Productions, has been released. The story and direction of the film is by newcomer Jithin Raj. Screenplay-Dialogue is penned by Deepak Vasan. Master Davinchi Santhosh and Master Neeraj Krishna are the main characters in the film.  Arjun Ashokan and Balu Varghese, who are the favorites of Mollywood are also playing prominent roles. As well as Saiju Kurup and Sudhi Koppa are playing exciting characters in the film.Along with the big icons, like Niranjana Anoop and Dinesh Prabhakar, Vineeth Thattil, Abu Valayakulam, Maria Prince Antony, Ajeesha and Uma are playing other important roles.

The first film of 'Cinemapranthan Productions' 'Pallotty 90's Kids' is all geared up for release with a lot of pecuilar features. About 40 novices enter Malayalam cinema through 'Pallotty', including directing, script writing, camera, editing, acting and other technical aspects of the film.The subsequent films of 'Cinemapranthan Productions', known in the areas such as online promotion and advertising, also have the distinction of giving priority to newcomers. 'Saregama India' has acquired the distribution rights of the songs in 'Pallotty'.

The music and background music is composed by Manikandan Ayyappa, who gained a lot of audience attention with the film 'Mexican Aparatha'. The songs in the film is composed by giving a lot of emphasis on music, which is composed by Suhail Koya, a new trend setter in Malayalam cinema. Jacob George is the executive producer of the film.

Filmed against the backdrop of the rural beauty of Palakkad, Pallotty is also a 'nostalgia' that conquers all kinds of audiences alike. 'Pallotty 90's Kids' depicts a beautiful childhood and the essence of pure love and friendship between two children named Kannan and Unni.
Banglan, the National Award winning production designer of block buster films like Kammara Sambhavam and Kurup, is doing the production design for the film which tells the story of the 90s.

 Praveen Varma, who gained attention with films like Big B,Bachelor Party, Double Barrel, Underworld, Porinju Mariam and Driving License, has done the costume design.
 Cinematography is handled by newcomer Sharon Srinivas. Editing by Rohit VS Variyath and project design by Badusha. Chief Associate Director Vijith. Sound Design Sankaran AS and KC Siddharthan. Sound mixing by Vishnu Sujathan. Chamayam Narasimha Swamy. Costume design by Praveen Varma. Still cinematography by Nidad KN. Casting Director Abdu Valayamkulam. Creative Advertising Art Kishore Babu Wayanad.

Celebrities who have released the motion poster through their social media handles include: 

Manju warrior ( actress )
Indrajth sukumaranactor(actor )
Basil joseph (director, actor)
Saiju kurup ( actor)
Balu varghese ( actor )
Arjun ashokan( actor)
Sandra thomas (actress, producer )
Vijay babu (producer)
Swetha Menon ( actress )
Mallutraveler ( YouTube )
Karthik soorya ( YouTube )
Omkv unni ( YouTube )
Food hunder sabu ( YouTube )
Lal jose (director )
Unni mukundan ( actor)
Niranjana anoop ( actress )
Lijo jose pallissery( director )
Mamtha Mohandas ( actress )
Shain nigam ( actor)
Najeem koya ( director )
Sabu ( actor, bigboss winner)
Dinesh prabhakar ( actor)
Asif ali ( actor)
Shameer ( editor)
Jomon t John ( camera man)
Tinu pappachan( director )
Lijin jose ( director )
Roshan Andrews ( director )
Binu pappu ( actor)
Justin varghese (music director )
Adly ( director )
Sangeetha ( pr head)
Abhaya ( Singer )
Sinora ( singer)
Shaji ( camera man)
Sudhi kopa( actor)
Pepe Antony varghese ( actor)
Sajid yahiya ( director, actor )
Sreya raghav ( singer)

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