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All Stories are Universal, says Writer -Director Daria Gaikalova

Web Desk‌Updated: Sunday Dec 10, 2017

Thiruvananthapuram>The first session of the ‘Meet the Directors’ at the 22ndInternational Film Festival of Kerala was organized at the Tagore Theatre today (Saturday).
Director coupleErnesto Ardito and Virna Molina, producer of ‘Vaishnavee’, Manohan Nanyakkara and writer-director of the movie ‘Three and a Half’, Daria Gaikalova, along with the co-producer Dheer Homaya attended the session which was moderated by Meera Sahib.

Manohan Nanayakkara spoke about his philosophy behind working with the young directors of Sri Lanka. Stating that Kerala and Sri Lanka resemble much in culture, he said he cherished the reception received by his movie ‘Vaishnavee’ from among the Kerala viewers. He said it would be admirable if the movie is dubbed to Malayalam for its cultural connection to the story.
Ukranian writer-director Daria Gaikolova and producer DheerHomaya of ‘Three and a Half’ (Teen AurAadha) expressed happiness over the massive appreciation the film received after the first screening. Daria shared her views on making films in India and also mentioned the strange energy she gets from India, and that it keeps the creative part going. All stories are universal, Daria reminded. Dheer Homaya, who co-produced the film with the Bollywood film maker Anurag Kashyap, termed it was a challenging route they took towards making the movie.

Ernesto Ardito and Virna Molina stated that their film was an exercise in bridging the memories from the past and the present. They revealed that the actors of the film are students of the school where it was shot.