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ABIN RAJ R SUpdated: Tuesday May 16, 2023

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Fascism has dominated everywhere by telling lies. Since the time of classical fascism in Europe, this method has been used in different parts of the world. Fascist dictators have come to power in Europe in different forms: in Italy, then Germany, and others. But the ideas that led them could not establish cultural dominance in those countries. But that's not the story of India.

Although the communal fascists came late to political power here, their religious-state ideology based on caste supremacy has had an impact on the cultural sphere at least since the end of the freedom struggle. That idea, which was a reason for even the division of the country, did not have a significant impact in South India, especially in Kerala. That is the main reason for the poison use of the Sangh Parivar, which has kept Kerala in an enemy position.  

First of all Hearty congratulations to the people of Karnataka for having emphatically rejected the obnoxious communal campaign of the BJP spearheaded by the Prime Minister and the Home Minister. The misuse of premier investigative agencies against political opponents, imposing Hindi, and rampant corruption have all echoed in the minds of Karnataka people while voting, and they have upheld Kannadiga pride by teaching a befitting lesson to the BJP's vindictive politics - Salute to Karnataka voters who have decisively defeated the BJP in these assembly elections.

The Karnataka Legislative Assembly election campaign depicts a picture of the BJP and Congress competing to grab votes by igniting communal sentiments. The sentiment of the people in the state was against the BJP rule, which was immersed in corruption and malpractice. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah led the campaign focused on extremism and propaganda to overcome anti-government sentiment.

People, including Chief Minister Basavaraj Bomme, have become irrelevant in the campaign field. The campaign scene also witnessed Amit Shah publicly asking for votes to end the four percent reservation given to Muslims in Karnataka. This announcement by the Union Home Minister comes when the matter is under consideration by the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court Division Bench has severely criticized Amit Shah's behavior.

The BJP leadership had started attempts to create communal polarisation months ago, realizing that the situation continues to worsen even after replacing BS Yeddyurappa as the new Chief Minister. It is not possible for them to face defeat in Karnataka, the only state in South India under their rule. The BJP's attempts to influence the people through money flow

and misusing central governance also did not go significantly forward. Exposing the huge corruption in the administration has made their faces ugly. To overcome the crisis, the BJP has sharpened its usual weapon. The BJP has embraced the statement in the Congress manifesto that it will ban Bajrang Dal as part of the action against communal hatred campaign. Things got easier for the BJP as Congress compared Bajrang dal to the Popular Front. The Prime Minister himself alleged that Congress is trying to lock up Hanuman, also known as 'Bajrang Bali'. The Congress tried to build a defense by pointing out that the BJP government in Goa banned Sriramasena. During the last days of the campaign, the two had a similar word war. Congress leaders are ready to praise RSS too.

The Prime Minister has grown to accuse the Congress of trying to separate Karnataka from India. It is not appropriate for a person sitting in the Prime Minister's post to raise an accusation in a public meeting without being ready to take legal action if any such hint has been received. The Prime Minister and Union Home Minister were doing hate propaganda in Karnataka when Manipur was burning in riots. When the main leaders of the Lingayat community fought with or left the BJP, the central-state administrative leadership made misguided moves and statements to persuade other communities. Without being ready to expose all this, Congress has imitated the BJP even in community provocation. Democracy is the rule of the people, elected by the people, for the people. It is useless for all citizens to unite and make decisions.

The system of electing the people's representatives and sending them to the legislative assemblies has come into existence to overcome this limitation. So the life issues of whole people should be discussed in the elections. Campaigning in the election by creating issues that divide people is sabotage of democracy. There have been allegations that the Election Commission did not intervene when such intense communal propaganda took place in Karnataka. The country sees a future of propagating narrow-minded interests for electoral gain. It is extremely unfortunate that those responsible for fulfilling their duties are not ready for it.

"Look at your neighbor, Kerala, The Kerala story should not be missed " The advice of two bigwigs has been diligently adhered to by the people of Karnataka - The obscene named Kerala Story, which some call a movie is an extension of the Sangh Parivar conspiracy to sow the politics of revenge, hatred, and violence. It is clear from the trailer that this film is based on facts and untruths about Kerala, generating a false impression opposite to reality, and seems to be planned with the aim of communal polarization and spreading hatred against Kerala, which came out recently. The trailer hints that this movie is being made by embracing the Sangh Parivar propaganda by making Kerala, the land of secularism, a center of religious terrorism.

Indian President Draupadi Murmu called out to the people in a befitting reply to the anti-Kerala propaganda being carried out by the central rulers, right-wing parties, and a few media outlets with blind political antagonism. It is only a delusion to hide the truth through the propaganda of the BJP and UDF and the poking of the right-wing media. Kerala's achievements are an authoritative document that no one can deny. That is why the President had to say that Kerala is the guide to India. It is clear from the president's words that Kerala is not what Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah are saying. Kerala is a model for India and a source of pride for every Malayalee.

The BJP and UDF, who are constantly competing to bring down Kerala, and the media, which gives them all kinds of encouragement, should understand the meaning of what the President said. CPIM General Secretary Sitaram Yechury's opinion is correct that the President gave a reply to the Prime Minister, who compared Kerala to Somalia. Draupadi Murmu responded to Amit Shah's rhetoric that communists are doing nothing for them but talking about the poor. Those who are belittling Kerala should have an understanding of why Kerala is performing well in many human development indicators. The Niti Aayog under the Central Government itself had to accept that Kerala is first in various sectors. The president's comments are based on that.

Women in Kerala are educated and empowered. This has been a great help to Kerala's excellence. Kudumbasree is one of the largest self-help networks in the world. It is not in vain that the President, who came to Kerala for the first time, said these things. This is the result of the discussion about Kerala all over the world. Kerala is taking up development activities that are models for the world.

This Small Kerala is achieving achievements that no state ruled by the BJP or Congress could ever dream of. We should never forget that the projects envisioned by Communist leaders, including EMS, for the creation of a new Kerala are the basis for all the achievements of Kerala.

Even when the central government is trying to squeeze Kerala into a financial crisis because of the sole reason that the Left is ruling, Kerala is looking for ways to overcome all that with the support of the people. Let it be said that it is misfortune. We are seeing the scene of Kerala's opposition and their media competing to give all kinds of support to this move by the BJP.

Kerala stands for the sidelined. From land reform to welfare pensions, it was a part of this that was implemented. Like in Kerala, where else are they trying to raise the scheduled sections to the mainstream of society? A higher budget share is being allocated for this, even in the population ratio. That is why the President, who is also in the Scheduled Section, said that he is very happy with the development in Kerala in this matter. In the other state of

In India, the scheduled people live with such dignity. Let us not forget that while celebrating the centenary of the Vaikom Satyagraha, which was conducted for the right of lower caste people to travel through temple premises, we should not forget that Dalits who enter the temples are being beaten and chased away.

Where is a place other than Kerala where all religious groups live like brothers in India. The Sangh Parivar leadership is trying to pollute this peace in Kerala. There is no doubt that Kerala will resist the move to impose the politics of hate by eliminating the condition where everyone lives with love, irrespective of religion or caste.

The latest among these attacks is 'The Kerala Story' a movie prepared by director Sudeep Tho Sen to spread lies. It is already clear that the director is telling us through this movie some 'information' that anyone would be convinced is absurd when they hear it. It is being tried to establish that Kerala is the center of Islamic terrorists.

In one of the videos that have been circulating for months, it is said that 32,000 young women from here were transferred by Islamic terrorists to countries like Syria, Yemen, and Afghanistan. The trailer video containing blatant lies is still trending, although the number of young women was cut to just three when complaints were raised and the Central Film Censor Board was forced to intervene. The official trailer put up by the producer on YouTube was viewed by one and three-quarter crores within a few days. But crores of people may have seen the video that has been unofficially spread by Sangh Parivar activists and followers through WhatsApp to family, local groups, and others.

Some things have been excluded, including the conversation about America providing financial assistance to terrorists through Pakistan. Another important change is the inclusion of subtitles, including Malayalam songs, in the movie. Although it may seem to be an anti-Muslim film, this perverted work of cinema is aimed at creating hatred among Malayalees in general and Communists in particular. This is following in the footsteps of the Kashmir Files, which launched in March last year to spread false stories of the Sangh Parivar, which divides people for political gains. With the support of the central government and the help of the 'neutral' media, which do anything to make the Sangh Parivar happy, Kashmir files have accumulated billions of rupees.

With only one year remaining for the public elections, Kerala Story is now being released with accurate political interest. The aim is to bring down the glory of Kerala, which is understood by all Malayalees through experience, and to create misunderstanding and hatred against Kerala elsewhere in the country. Kerala is a state where the BJP has not given even a single person to the Parliament. Kerala and the Left will be at the forefront of the national alliance against the BJP. This situation is part of the anti-national agenda of the Sangh Parivar, which is creating hostility against Kerala elsewhere. Whatever the The court decides, one thing is clear: No court or government can stop any idea, including this picture. People's vigilance against divisions is the way to combat the ideas spread by such movies.

This defeat is the result of the gross misrule and corruption of the BJP government. Modi- Shah’s campaign neglected core issues and focused on polarisation - That design stands defeated and also Illusion of Modi’s invincibility is shattered, This verdict also shows that the people have rejected the virulent communal propaganda conducted during the election campaign led by PM Modi himself. In short, Via the Karnataka results, South India has shown a glorious way to the rest of the country, and it shows that the countdown to the end of the BJP's reign of terror has begun. Let's fight this valiant battle together and close these markets of hatred and open the shops of love in the rest of India.

Lets Hope!