10 December Saturday

NetWork - A symbol of social emancipation

ABIN RAJ R. S.Updated: Monday Mar 7, 2022

Human beings in today’s world are worried about the scarcity of living air without being able to pay attention to anything else. But even at this stage, there are good reasons to be sure that reading is relevant. Readers who have seen other worlds, which they do not tilt , They see more worlds than those who have traveled a lot in one place. It accepts the suffering of many nations and peoples. Thus pained and seen, they become the greatest pure hearts in the world - Readers are the greatest writers, they are the revolutionaries who changed the world, and they have a beating heart against injustice and exploitation.


The roots of the Kerala model that the world is paying attention to lies deep in the soil plowed by the libraries of Kerala , Our libraries are taking on the legacy of Renaissance values, giving priority to knowledge and reading. The Library Movement in Kerala tops the list of movements for organized socio-cultural development through organized efforts - In short, they are the lifeblood of the social life of Our State .

Libraries have become centers of knowledge that transcend the boundaries of all forms of noise also Libraries were the banner bearers of propaganda against slavery, superstition, immorality, and gender inequality - Much research has been done on the impact of libraries on the socio-cultural spheres of Kerala. Libraries, also known as rural universities, provide public awareness of team strength to the community. The doors of one hundred libraries were opened together today. The birth of libraries that shed light on new ideas can only be called "a hundred springs". It's a dream come true to have hundreds of popular libraries in one country. Perhaps this is unthinkable even for light-developed developed capitalist countries. We believe that development is only about sky-scraping structures, huge bridges and modern roads. The 100 libraries that emerge together are a thousand times more beautiful than that. These activities are spearheaded by the People's Mission for Social Development, which specializes in cultural and employment fields. The emphasis is on starting libraries as part of the mission in tribal and coastal areas where there were no libraries. When the mission started, there were no libraries in 777 local wards in the district. The mission does not end with the new 100 libraries. The mission aims to have libraries in all wards within five years.