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‘In’ the Computer or ‘on’ the Computer?

വെബ് ഡെസ്‌ക്‌Updated: Monday May 27, 2019

Everyone has trouble learning how to use the prepositions in and on! ‘On’ is used to express a surface of something. Example: The book is on the table. ‘In’ is used to indicate a location or place. Examples: I am currently staying in a hotel. I read the news in the newspaper.
‘On’ is also used to indicate a device or machine, such as a TV, phone or computer. Examples: Did you watch the football onTV last night? She has been onthe computer since this morning. ‘In’ also used to indicate time. Example: They should be ready to goin20 minutes. It is also used to indicate a belief, opinion, interest, or feeling. Example: Please do not interfere inmy personal affairs. ‘At’ is used to indicate places such as clubs, houses etc. Example: She wants to stayathome tonight.
  When do we use ‘by’? ‘By’ is used to describe a method of travel. Example: Do you always come to workbybike?‘By’ can also act as a preposition of time and we use it with a time expression.Examples: You must have this report finishedbyMonday.The movie will be finishedby9am.
   What is the difference between ‘till’ and ‘until’?Till is a preposition that means up to the time of. It has been in the usage for longer than until. Example: Let’s wait here tillthe rain stops.‘Until’ means up to a certain point of time. Examples: I will be in the office until 5 pm.The road outside our house will be closed from 6 am until 6 pm. Until is considered more formal than till.
  What are the uses of ‘from’? ‘From’ is used to show what the origin of someone or something is. Example: Using the internet people can buy things from foreign countries.‘From’ is also used to show when something starts. The shops here are open from 9 am until 5 pm.
When do we use ‘with’? ‘With’ means using something or in the company of. Example: He cut it with a knife. It is also used to indicate in opposition to somebody/something; against somebody/something. Examples: The culprit has been charged with murder.He is in the habit of reasoning with everybody on trifles.
  What is the difference between ‘since’ and ‘for’? ‘For’ means period of time and ‘since’ is used with a particular point in time. Examples: He has been travelling for many years. I haven’t had a call from him since last Wednesday.
Can we use ‘between’ to indicate time? Yes, we can. It can be used to indicate in the period of time that separates two days, years, events, etc.Example: I’ll arrive sometimesbetween8 and 9am.
Choose the correct prepositions to complete the sentences
1. I’ll arrive sometimes…………..8 and 9am.
a)in    b)next to    c)between   d)on
2.The shops here are open…….9am until 5pm.
a)from   b)at   c)on  d)for
3.They should be ready to go…..20 minutes.
a)on    b)in   c)by   d)to
4.She wants to stay…….home tonight.
a)to    b)of   c)in   d)at
5.Did you watch the football ……TV last night?
a)by    b)on    c)in    d)to
6.Do you always come to work……bike?
a)in    b)on   c)by   d)of
7.I read the news…….the newspaper.
a)in   b)on   c)by   d)to
8.I will be in the office……5pm.
a)on   b)for   c)since   d)until
9. You must have this report finished……Monday.
a)while   b)by    c)at   d)since
10.I haven’t had a call from him……last Wednesday.
a)in   b)on   c)since   d)for
11. The road outside our house will be closed from 6 am…6 pm.
a)by   b)since   c)till  d)until
12.Let’s wait here …... the rain stops.
a)by  b)till   c)since  d)until
13. The movie will be finished……9am.
a)by  b)till   c)since   d)until
14.Using the internet people can buy things ……foreign countries.
a)withb)for  c)by   d)from
15. She has been…….the computer since this morning.
a)in   b)by   c)on   d)at
16.I am currently staying…….a hotel.
a)at   b)in   c)on  d)by
17.The teacher should not be partial …..any student.
a)to   b)at   c)towards  d)on
18.The culprit has been charged….murder.
a)on   b)at   c)by   d)with
19. He is in the habit of reasoning…….everybody on trifles.
a)ay   b)by   c)with   d)along
20. Please do not interfere…….my personal affairs.
a)with   b)in   c)along   d)at
Answers: 1)c, 2)a, 3)b, 4)d, 5)b, 6)c, 7)a, 8)d, 9)b, 10)c, 11)d, 12)b, 13)a, 14)d, 15)c, 16)b, 17)a, 18)d, 19)c, 20)b

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