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CSIR NET/SET/K-TET Preparation

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Tips for UGC NET aspirants
Type 3
Formative Evaluation
19). A buys n copies of a book at 20% discount. B gets the same
book at 30% discount. What is the minimum value of n for which B
can buy one extra copy of the book, spending the same amount as
A? A) 7 B). 8 C). 6 D). This problem cannot be solved
unless the marked price of the book is known. (AnsA)
{ Let the price on n copies of book be Rs. x .
After getting discount of 20% , then A pays 80x/100 or Rs(4/ 5) x
for n copies of books. While B after getting discount of 30%, he
pays 70x/10 or Rs.( 7 /10) x for n copies of books.
Total money A spent=(4/5)xn
Cost of book for B=(7/10)x,
Number of copies B will be getting for the amount A
If B gets an extra book (8n/7)-n=1. ie n=7}
20). A bird flies along the three sides of a field in the shape of an
equilateral triangle at speeds of 2, 4, 8 km/hr, respectively. The
average speed of the bird is A) 24/7km/hr B) 14/3 km/hr C) 22/7km/hr D) 4 km/hr
(AnsA) {The bird flies along the three sides of a field in the shape of
an equilateral triangle.Let the side be a.
Average speed=Total distance/total time
=(3a) /( a/2+a/3+a/8)=3a/(7a/8)=24/7km/hr}
21). The average staff salary of a company is Rs 8000/-. A new
guard and a new manager are recruited with salaries of Rs5000/- and
Rs 20000/-, respectively. What is the current staff strength if the
new average salary is Rs 4000/- more than that of the guard?
A) 7 B) 9 C) 10 D) 11 (AnsA)
{Let the number of staff be n, total salary=8000n
Total number of staff at present=n+2.
Present average salary=5000+4000=Rs 9000/
Present total salary =9000(n+2) =25000+ 8000n,solving n=7}
22). A 100 m long fence is to be made by fixing a wire mesh on
steel poles. Each pole has a 1 m ?vertical portion and a 1 m portion
tilted at 45 to the vertical. What will be the area of wire mesh
required? A)200 m2 B) 241.4 m2 C) 400 m2 D) 170.7 m2
( Ans A){The area of the fence lying on tilted portion
100* 1 =100 m2
The area of the fence lying on untilted portion 100* 1 =100 m2
Hence total area of fence 100 +100= 200m2 }
23). In a group of students, 30% play only cricket, 20% play only
football and 10% play only basketball. 20% of the students play
both football and cricket, 15% play both basketball and cricket, 10%
play both football and basketball. 15 students play no games, while
5% of the students play all three games. What is the total number of
A). 300 B). 250 C). 350 D). 400 (Ans A-Use set theory)
24). Which of the following countries is the Partner Country at the
38th India International Trade Fair (IITF-2018)?
[A] Iran [B] Afghanistan C] Nepal (D) China (AnsB)
25)Which article of the Constitution provides free legal assistance to
the poor and weaker sections of the society?
[A] Article 39A [B] Article 38A [C] Article 37A [D] Article 36A
( Ans A)
26) Which news agency has recently launched the world’s first AI news anchor?
[A] Yonhap [B] Kyodo News [C] Xinhua [D] Lankapuvath
( AnsC) {China’s state news agency Xinhua has recently launched the world’s first Artificial Intelligence (AI) news anchor at the ongoing 5th World Internet Conference in Wuzhen}
27). On which date, the National Cancer Awareness Day (NCAD), was observed recently in India?
[A] November7 [B] Nov 9 [C] Nov 10 [D] Nov3 (AnsA)
28) Which state government has recently rolled out the technology- driven & citizen-friendly ‘Mo Bus’ service?
[A] Andhra Pradesh [B] Karnataka [C] Odisha [D] Kerala
(AnsC) {In Bhubaneswar, the Odisha government has recently rolled out the technology-driven and citizen-friendly ‘Mo bus’ service featuring free wi-fi, CCTV surveillance, public information display system and on board announcements in the city.}
29)Which of the following is the largest source of water pollution in major rivers of India ?(A) Untreated sewage (B) Agriculture run-off
(C) Unregulated small scale industries (D) Religious practices (AnsA){Repeated question,July2018,July2016,June2014, U.G.C.- NET }
30) If ‘BEBOBD’ in code language means ‘Canada’ then the code ‘MJABSC’ will mean
(A) Mumbai (B) Madras (C) Moscow (D) Brazil (AnsD)

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