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CSIR NET/SET/K-TET Preparation

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22). Which of the following is the correct full form of CBFC in the context of Indian films ?
(A) Central Board of Film Certification
(B) Censor Board of Film Content
(C) Central Board for Film Censorship
(D) Central Board for Film Classification (Ans:A )
23). In the context of journalism, what is meant by ‘Page 3’ news ?
(A) Hard news about politics, society etc. published on Page No. 3 of a newspaper
(B) Soft stories on social and personal lives of celebrities and stars
(C) News about rape, murder and other crimes published on Page No. 3 of a newspaper
D) Investigative and analytical news about corruption published on Page No. 3 of a newspaper (Ans:B )
24) A group of girls planned a picnic. The budget for food was Rs. 2400. Due to illness, 10 girls could not go to the picnic and cost of food for each girl is increased by Rs 8. How many girls planned for the picnic?
(A) 50 (B) 55 (C) 60 (D) 65 (Ans:- C)
{Let the number of girls be x and cost of food for each girl be y. Then xy=2400,f urther (x-10)(y+8)=2400ie xy+8x-10y-80=2400. ie 2400+8x-10y-80=2400 ie 8x-10y-80=0,ie8x-10y=80
ie4x-5y=40.But x=2400/y.Then(4*2400)/y-5y=40.
ie9600-5ysquare=40y,ie5ysquare+40y-9600=0ieysquare+8y-9600=0 solving y=40andx=60}
25). In the context of computer generated (typed) text, identify the odd non-verbal clue from the following :
(A) bold (B) emoticon (C) italic (D) underline (Ans:C )
26). From the perspective of the advertiser, what is the ultimate criteria of success of advertisement as communication ?
(A) The ad is remembered by a large general public
(B) The ad is accepted and internalized by the target group
(C) The ad is aesthetically liked by a large general public
(D) The ad is discussed by the target group (Ans:B )
27). A teacher who considers ‘Knowledge’ as existing primarily in the students’ ability to interpret, generally tend to emphasize more on :
(A) Powerful lecturing (B) Transmitting information
(C) Presentation (D) Discussion and negotiations (Ans:D )
28). Denis McQuail defines communication as ‘a process which increases commonality — but also requires elements of commonality for it to occur at all.’ Which of the following cannot be a logical, reasonable inference of this definition ?
(A) Communication depends on culture located at various levels
(B) Sender is more important for the process of communication
(C) Communication introduces a change in sender and receiver
(D) Communication creates a shared symbolic environment (Ans:B )
29) A daily sheet calendar of 2019contains sheets of
10*10size. All the sheets of the calendar are spread over the floor of a room of5m*7.3msize.What % of floor will be vovered by these sheets? A) 0.1 (B) 1 (C) 10 (D) 100 (Ans:C ){No of days in 2019=365,total area of all365sheets=365*10*10. Percentage of the floor covered by sheets=(365*10*10)/5*7.3*100*100)=10%}
30). Nine numbers are written in ascending order. The middle number is also the average of the nine numbers. The average of the five largest numbers is 68 and average of the five smallest numbers is 44. What is the sum of all the numbers? (A) 504 (B) 307 (C) 565 (D) None of the above .( Ans C)
{The average of all 9 will be the number halfway between the two other averages. (68 + 44) / 2 = 56. To figure the total of all the numbers, multiply 9 times the average: 9x56=504}.

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