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Phrasal Verbs Beginning with the Letter ‘P’

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What is the difference between ‘pass away’ and ‘pass out’? The phrasal verb ‘pass away’ simply means to die. ‘Pass out’ means to faint.  Examples: After a short illness, he passed away peacefully. It was very hot and she passed out from the heat.


     Can you differentiate between pass by and pass on? ‘Pass by’ means to go past. ‘Pass on’ means to give something to somebody else. Examples: Every day I pass by this shop. Have you passed on the message? What does ‘pay back’ and ‘pay off’ mean? ‘Pay back’ means to return the money. ‘Pay off’ means a payment made to someone. Examples: I will pay you back next week. I hope to pay this loan off before the deadline.


  What does ‘pick up’ mean? It means to collect something from a place or to allow somebody to get into your vehicle. Examples: We spent hours looking for presents and finally picked up some books. Will you pick me up from the airport? What does ‘pin down’ mean? It means to explain or understand something exactly. Example: He didn’t tell me much. We will need to pin him down to details. What is the meaning of ‘pull out’? It means to move away from something. Example: Can you imagine it? I had to wait five minutes to pull out!


   What does ‘put down’ mean? It means to stop holding something and place it on a table, shelf, etc or to make someone look or feel stupid, especially in front of other people. Examples: Put down your bags and let’s go to the kitchen. How could you put me down in front of all these people?! What is the difference between ‘put off’ and ‘put on’? ‘Put off’ means to cancel a meeting or an arrangement and ‘put on’ means to dress yourself in something. Examples: Can you put off the meeting? It is quite cold so you had better put on your coat.


  What does ‘put up with’ mean? It means to accept somebody/something that is annoying. Example: How do you put up with him? He is so irritating. What is the meaning of ‘put out’? It means to stop something from burning or shining. Example: Put out the lights, I want to sleep.


     Choose suitable phrasal verbs to fill in the blanks.


1. After a short illness, he.........peacefully in the night.


   a) passed out   b)passed away  c)passed on  d)passed back


2.It was very hot and she........from the scorching heat.


   a)passed by  b)passed away  c)passed out  d)passed on


3.Every day I...........this shop when I am on my way to work.


    a)pass by   b)pass out   c)pass on   d)pass away


4.Have you........the message I sent you?


    a)passed out   b)passed by  c)passed back  d)passed on


5. I will......you........next week. Is that OK?


   a)pay...off    b)pay...back   c)pass...back  d)pass... on


6.I hope to......this loan...... before the deadline.


  a)pass...back  b)pass...on  c)pay...off  d)pay...back


7.We spent hours looking for presents and finally......some books.


   a)picked out  b)picked up  c)pointed out d)put down


8.I..........a lot of new words during my trip to London.


    a)picked up  b)picked out   c)put down  d)pointed out


9.Will you........me......from the station on Monday?


     a)put...down   b)pay....off  c)pick...out  d)pick....up


10.He didn’t tell me much. We will need to.... him...to details.


      a)put....down  b)pick....up  c)pin...down  d)put...out


11.I haven’t........the TV yet, I just bought it.


     a)pin down  b)plugged in  c)out on  d)put out


12.She.........common writing mistakes her students should be aware of.


     a)put down  b)put up with  c)pinned down  d)pointed out


13.They had to......the old building to build a new shopping centre there.


      a)pull down  b)put down  c)put off  d)pinned down


14.Can you imagine it? I had to wait five minutes to.......!


    a)put out   b)pull out  c)pull down  d)put down


15............your bags and let’s go to the kitchen.


     a)Pull out  b)Put down  c)Put across  d)Put off


16.How could you.....me.....in front of all these people?!


   a)put...down  b)pick...up  c)put...out  d)put...off


17.Can you.......the meeting? I need to talk to you.


    a)put out  b)put on   c)put up with  d)put off


18.It is quite cold so you had better.......your coat.


    a)put off   b)put on   c)put out  d)pick up


19.........the lights, I’m tired and want to go sleep.


    a)Put off   b)Put on  c)Put out  d)Put down


20.How do you.........him? He is so irritating.


    a)put up with  b)put across  c)put on  d)put out


     Answers: 1)b, 2)c, 3)a, 4)d, 5)b, 6)c, 7)b, 8)a, 9)d, 10)c, 11)b, 12)d, 13)a, 14)b, 15)b, 16)a, 17)d, 18)b, 19)c, 20)a


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