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CSIR NET/SET/K-TET Preparation

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11) Assertion A:-Natural gas is very attractive eco –friendly fuel.
Reasons R;-It produces few pollutants and less carbon dioxide per
unit energy than any of the fossil fuel on combustion.
1) A is true, R is false 2)Both A and R are true and R is not correct
explanation of A 3) Both A and R are true and R is correct
explanation of A 4)A is false but R is true (Ans:-3 )
12) What percentage of energy coming from the sun is re-radiated
towards space?
A)30% B) 50% C)15% D)25% ( Ans:-A)
{ This is from people and environment, the approx answer is 29%}
13) The construction of thought process, which includes remembering,
problem solving and decision making, is called as : Options
1. Cognitive development 2. Andragogy
3. Psychology 4. Pedagogy (ANS:1)
14) In a class room the communication becomes effective when
participants are
A) active B) empathetic C) heterophilus D) homophiles E)silent
1) B,C,D&E 2) A, B&D 3) A,B,C&D 4 ) C,E&B
{ heterophilus means of different attitude, homophiles means of same
15)Which of the following indicates the concept of Zone of Proximal
Development as suggested by psychologist Lev Vygotsky ?
1 .What a learner can do with help and without help.
2.A learner learns effectively when it is supported with real life
3.A learner’s brain develops faster in childhood.
4.Friends interaction is very important for proper development of
child. (ANS:1)
16)Find the next number in the series 56,40,27,17,10,?
{In the series every next term comes with the difference of—13,-10,
-7,-4,hence ?is 6}
17)One way to measure the extent to which a measure is free of
random error is to compute its:
1.Test-retest reliability 2.Demand characteristics
3.Content validity 4.experimenter’s buyers (ANS:1)
18)”The relation that exists between premises and conclusion is that
of logical necessity” is the case with which of the following
A) Inductive Argument B) Deductive Argument
C) Analogical Argument D) Demonstrative argument
{In Inductive Argument conclusion is derived from premises or
statements. In deductive Argument premises or statements is derived
from conclusion. Analogical Argument is with comparison.
Demonstrative argument is with examples. Hence answer}
19) Among the following statements, two are contradictory to each
other. Select the code that represents them.
Statements :
(a) All surgeons are doctors. (b) Some surgeons are doctors.(c) Some
surgeons are not doctors.(d) No surgeons are doctors.
1(b) and (c) 2.(b) and (d) 3.(a) and (d) 4.(a) and (b) (ANS:2)
20) To slow a beast you break its limbs, to slow a nation you break
its people. Identify the argument involved in the above.
A)Inductive Argument B)Deductive Argument
C) Analogical Argument D)Demonstrative argument
{Analogical Argument is with comparison. Hence ans:-C}
21)Classroom is considered as A) Organised medium
B)Technical medium C)Mass medium D)Non-technical medium. {This is a question from communication.When we teach in a class we
address a mass.Hence ans:-C}
22)The information seeking strategies of students are :(a)Entropyoriented (b)Overt
(c)Nonfunctional (d)Indirect
 (e) Third party (f)Testing Code :
1.(b),(d) (e) and (f)
2 (b), (c), (e) and (f)
3.(a),(b),(c) and (f)
4.(a),(b),(d) and(e) ( ANS:-1)
23)In which of the following arguments the conclusion can be no more probable A)Inductive Argument B)Implicative Argument
C) Analogical Argument D)Demonstrative argument
{Implicative gives arguments, Analogical gives comparisons, Demonstrative gives examples Here ans;-C}
24).Given below are two premises (a) and (b).Four conclusions are drawn from them. Select the code that states validly drawn conclusion(s) [taking the premises individually or jointly].
(a) Some women are teachers.
(b) All teachers are hard-working.
Conclusions : ? All hard-working people are teachers. ? All teachers are not women, ? Some hard-working teachers are women. ? (iv) Some women are hard-working.
Code :
1 (i) and (ii)
2. (iii) and (iv)
3. (ii) and (iii)
4. (i) and (iv) ( ANS:-2)
 25) )Relatioanl approach in classroom communication comes from
A)Mass communication B)Organisational communication
C) Intrapersonal communication D) Interpersonal communication
{ Relational approach in classroom is between teacher and students.
In mass communication the teacher adresses a mass.There is no
organisation in the class room.In Intrapersonal communication self is important. In Interpersonal communication,communication between
persons is important.Hence ans:-D}

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