26 July Monday

CSIR NET/SET/K-TET Preparation

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26) One of the first states to establish a higher education council was:
1.Goa 2 Andhra Pradesh 3.Sikkim 4 Jammu and Kashmir (Ans:-2)
27)Which of the following institutions are given status of eminence
A)Symbiosis,Pune B) Manipal institute of Technology
C) BITS, Pilani D) Amity, Noida
Options:-1)A&B 2) B only 3) B&C 4) C only (Ans:-C)
{The Human Resource Development Ministry has announced the
name of six universities which have been selected for the Institute of
Eminence status. Out of six, three are in the public sector and the
remaining in the private sector. Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)-
Bombay, IIT-Delhi and IISc Bangalore are the three public
universities selected under this. Jio Institute by Reliance Foundation,
BITS Pilani, Manipal Academy of Higher Education are the three
private } 28)The number of open universities and directorates of distance
education whose courses are recognised by UCC as on August 9,
2018, is
1).53 2).62 3).49 4).58 (ANS:-1)
29)The most harmful of environment pollutants are
A)Non-bio degradable chemicals B)Human organic waste
C)Wastes from faecal matterD)Natural nutrients present in excess
(Bio degradable chemicals can be recycled, Non-bio degradable can
not be disposed.Ans:-A}
30).Which of the following denotes internet hardware requirements
(a)Hub (b)Bridge (c)Router (d)Gateway (e)Modem Code: Options:
1.(a), (b) and (e) 2.(b),(c),(d) and (e)
3.(e) only 4.(a),(b),(c),(d) and (e) (ANS-:4)
31) Which of the following are principles of Tagore’s educational
A) Naturalism, humanism, internationalism, idealism
B) Commercialism, humanism, internationalism, idealism
C) Globalism, humanism, internationalism, idealism
D) Commercialism,realism, internationalism, idealism
{Commercialism was not in Tagore’s educational philosophy,He was
a saint. Globalism was not popular on his days. So optionA }
32) If DIVE:IMYG, then what is TAKE A)VENG B)YFGN C) QEPO D) YFMG { Take DIVE:IMYG, D---I is5th, I----M is 4th ,V----Y is3rd, E---G is2nd,thus 5,4,3,2 ThusTAKE becomes VENG. Ans:-A }
 33) Adult education is known as
A) Pedagogy B) Andragogy C) Heutagogy D) Geontology { Pedagogy is the approach to teaching. Andragogy refers to methods and principles used in adult education. Heutagogy is the study of self-determined learning Geontology is the study related to old
age. Ans:-B}
34) Find the odd man out
A) Nose B) Eye C) Leg D) Hand (Ans:-A)
{Two reasons.Eye,Leg&Hand are two in number, they can be moved}
35) Find the next in the series ME,KH,IK,GN,--- Options :- A)EQ B)EH C)QE D)DE ( Ans:-A ) { Reasoning.The first letters are M,K,I,G. Their relation is M-----K=-2, K---I=-2,I—G=-2,G==E=-2 . The second letters are E,H,K,N. Their relation is E----H=+3.H----K=+3,K---N=+3}
36) Pointing to a lady as his mother X said “Her only son’s
daughter’s husband will call me as -----“
A)Father B)Father in law C) Grand Father D) Husband {ans;-B}
37) Find the next number in the series56,40,27,10,? A) 16 B)6 C)4 D) 24 ( Ans;-B) [The difference between numbers is-16,-13,-10,-7,-4 ,Numerical reasoning ]
38) State Educational councils are established under the instructions of
A) RUSA B)PUSA C)NitiAyog D) CABE (Ans;-A)
{RUSA=Rashtriya Uchatar Shiksha Abhiyan. PUSA is India’s
national Institute for agricultural research, education and extension. The name Pusa Institute is derived from the fact that the institute was originally located in Pusa Bihar . CABE=Connecticut Association of Board of Education }
 39) How many types of forests are there in India as per C.F.I (Central Forestry Commission) A)15 B)28 C)20 D)16 ( Ans:-D)
40) Find the odd A)Nilagiri hills B)Shivalik hills C)Aravalli hills (D)Kilimanjaro hills
[Except Kilimanjaro hills all the other three are in India Ans:-D}

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