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The Inocent Charm of Andhakaranazhi

P JayapradeepUpdated: Monday Dec 11, 2017

Blissfully free from all man-made frills, artificialilities and pretensions, Andhakaranazhi is a wonderful gift of Nature to those driven by wanderlust. Every day, hundreds of tourists including foreigners visit this heavenly abode of all that is guileless and natural. Not surprisingly, Andhakaranazhi today finds a pride of place on toreign tourists' travel itinerary.

 The densely wooded palmgroves swaying in the cool breeze wafting from the sea provide a 'shamiana over the travellers moving or resting on the ground.

The entire setting is so inviting that a vacationer takes to the greenscape as spontaneously as a duck takes to Water.

The sandspread, stretching nearly 500 metres along the beachfront and the same distance across, attract the people like a powerful magnet. The light house and the adjoing garden are also popular tourist haunts.

The coconut grove on either fringe of the sandspread is an oasis of peace, beauty and tranquility.

Traditionl fishing crafts dotting the shoreline tell you about the daily life of the native fisherfolk. You can spend hours watching them in action, or cruise around in the harbour waters in a smart little canoe. The Chinese fishing nets perched along the beach remind you of a maritime era that is long past. It is doubtful if you can enjoy such endearing sights and simple pleasures at any other beach or holiday resort in India.

The acres and acres of wavy green paddy fields that stretch to the east of the harbour also attract a large number of tourists.

Andhakaranazhi is as much an agricultural hub as a fast-growing tourist centre in Cherthala taluk. For developing agriculture, 20 shutters have been builton either side of the bund.

The Andhakaranazhi tourist centre is located on National Highway 47, between Alappuzha and Ernakulam, 4 km to the west of Ponnamveli. The Government is seriously studying the prospects of tourism development in the area.

Map Of Andhakaranazhi