01 October Sunday

VPS Lakeshore Installs World’s most Advanced Lab analyzer for the First Time in Kerala

Web Desk‌Updated: Thursday Feb 2, 2023

VPS Lakeshore MD, S. K. Abdulla inaugurates the World’s most Advanced Lab analyzer installed for the first time in kerala at vps lakeshore

Kochi : VPS Lakeshore Hospital Kochi installed Roche Cobas Pro, the world’s most advanced biochemistry and immunology fully auto analyser, for the first time in Kerala. The new analyzer was inaugurated by S K Abdulla, Managing Director of VPS Lakeshore on Wednesday.

Renowned for its quality and excellence, this state-of-the-art system delivers up to 2200  tests per hour, double the current testing capacity, and provides results in under 9 minutes. The highly advanced technological diagnosis machine with high-speed analytical units, intelligent sample routing, and reduced incubation time provides greater flexibility to the hospital and its patients. Speaking about the new installation,  S K Abdulla, Managing Director of VPS Lakeshore said “VPS Lakeshore has always been at the forefront of introducing advanced technology to healthcare in Kerala. Adapting to the rapidly evolving clinical chemistry and immunochemistry testing needs, we aim to provide hassle-free service and improved patient care”.

 With proven reliability and efficiency, the new analyzer simplifies laboratory operations so that patients can benefit from faster results and clinicians can make quick treatment decisions. The lab runs more diagnostic tests across a broad range of treatment areas, including cardiology, nephrology, oncology, and infectious diseases, and quickly delivers the most accurate results.