23 March Thursday

Inaugural Address : “All Political Parties Must Rise To The Patriotic Duty of Secularism" - Yechury

Sajan EvugenUpdated: Thursday Apr 7, 2022

CPI-M General Secretary Sitaram Yechury inaugurating 23rd Party Congress at E K Nayanar Nagar in Kannur \ Photo: P Dileepkumar

While inaugurating the 23rd Party Congress of CPI-M, its General Secretary Sitaram Yechury said that Hindutva communalism could only be combated by championing uncompromising secularism. All  political parties that proclaim secularism must rise to the occasion to discharge this patriotic duty. The Congress party along with regional parties must set their houses in order and should decide on where they stand to safeguard the secular, democratic character of this Republic. Prevarications and compromising attitudes can only lead, as experience has shown, to an exodus from such parties towards the communal forces -he warned.

Yechury  appealed to all Left, Secular Democratic forces to come together in order to isolate and defeat BJP. United left parties are vital to meet current challenges being faced by working people and of India and its Constitutional order. The CPI-M  shall resolve to strengthen the efforts for building a strong communist party, stronger Left unity and the forging of a Left and Democratic front. He urged all Indian patriots to jointly resolve to safeguard our Constitutional republic and strengthen the struggles for alternative pro-people policies by forging the broadest front of secular forces against Hindutva communalism.

Instead of trying to give relief to the people, the BJP led union government continues to impose more economic burdens with daily price hikes of petroleum products leading to galloping inflation. Coming on top of growing unemployment, poverty and hunger, this is ruining the lives of people. The RSS and BJP have succeeded in creating the narrative of an overarching Hindutva identity among the people. The sharpening of communal division through the spread of hatred and violence is polarising the Indian society. This sharpening of polarisation is RSS-BJP mainstay for political and electoral mobilisation.

There is the simultaneous pursuit of neo-liberal reforms strengthening the communal corporate nexus, promoting Crony capitalism brazenly. Undermining the Indian Constitution, systematic efforts are being made to change the character of the secular democratic Indian Republic. Isolating  the RSS-BJP cannot be achieved only electorally but will have to be undertaken by conducting sustained efforts in the political, ideological, cultural and social spheres. This 23rd Party Congress will discuss the concrete steps that need to be undertaken to strengthen the struggle against Hindutva agenda-Yechury said.

Ukraine is only the theatre

The ongoing war is  really between Russia and US led NATO. Ukraine in only the theatre-Sitaram Yechury said.  The relentless eastward expansion of NATO moving with 1,75, 000 combat troops at Russian borders is the backdrop of this conflict. This was aggravated by the proposal to grant Ukraine NATO membership. This  war has to end immediately. However, this war has set in motion many developments with international ramifications for the future.

This war and India's consistent position of abstaining on UN resolutions against Russia clearly shows the futility of the Modi government's passionate pursuit of cementing India as a subordinate ally of US imperialism. India must safeguard its own interests by upholding an independent foreign policy and should now seriously consider distancing from US imperialist led alliances like the QUAD-Yechury urged. He also explained about the electoral victories of left and democratic parties against rightwing forces in various parts of the country.

Kerala paves 
the way
CPI-M and the Left Democratic Front have shown the way to uphold uncompromis ing secularism, which respects equality irrespective of caste, creed and gender- CPI-M General Secretary   Sitaram Yechury said. LDF is seeking to implement pro-people policies as an alternative to the neo-liberal agenda. The results are visible with the world acclaiming Kerala's high ranking in human development index. The dedicated struggles earned the confidence of the people to make Kerala's Communist movement a formidable outpost for the Indian revolution ary movement.