22 September Friday

Party Congress Hails Achievements Of LDF Government

Web Desk(Kannur)Updated: Sunday Apr 10, 2022

The 23rd Congress of the CPI-M saluted the historic and path-breaking achievements of LDF Government, which has been in office in Kerala  since 2016. In resolution It saluted  the Kerala State Committee of the party  for the political guidance it has been given to  the Government, and the people of for their support to,  and participation in the  initiatives and successes of the Government.

 Despite the multiple challenges that the LDF Government has had to confront, there have been short-term, medium-term, and long-term structural gains in different spheres of  economy. There have been the most sweeping changes in decades in public schooling, a hugely successful housing scheme for the poor, great changes in health facilities with regard to public access and quality, a transformation  in major physical infrastructure, a new policy direction in industry and information technology, a deepening of participatory local government, renewed thrust to livelihoods and job creation and a  revival in agriculture and allied activities.

Due to its historic record of achievement, the LDF Government was re-elected second term of office. The strength of the Party and movement in Kerala, and of the LDF Government, strengthens the Party and Left movements all over India. The Party Congress pledges the support of the entire Party to the people and the Party in Kerala in their struggle to grow from strength to strength in the service of the cause of the Left and Communist movements in Kerala, in India, and the world.