18 July Thursday

Party Congress Update: "National Front Through State Alliances" - Yechury

Sajan EvugenUpdated: Friday Apr 8, 2022

CPI-M General Secretary Sitaram Yechury briefing the media on the procedings of the 23rd Party Congress in Kannur on Thursday. Organising Committee Treasurer M V Jayarajan also seen

Considering the diversities in Indian Situation, a national level political front will be formed only after the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, CPI-M General Secretary Sitaram Yechury said in a news conference. Before elections, state  level fronts are the best option in practical sense as  in every state different political parties are dominant. Since 1977, the national level fronts have been formed only after the elections. Just remember the   developments  in 1989, 1996, 1998 and 2004. In all these years, the  political  fronts for the  government formation came into being after the elections-Yechury responded to a question while briefing the proceedings of 23rd Party Congress in Kannur on Thursday.

He said that CPI-M is trying to consolidate anti-BJP votes. Isolating and defeating the BJP is the foremost task for protecting and safeguarding the Indian Constitution and the Republic.  For that, there will be the broadest possible alliance of anti-BJP forces. Such alliances have been functioning in some of the states.  We want maximum mobilisation of secular forces. Strengthening the unity  of Left and democratic  forces plus social and peoples  movements is important.
Replying to a question about the Congress Party, he said that it was up to them to decide upon their contribution to the process. From the  Congress Party,  leaders are continuously flowing to BJP. Congress should think about this situation.

Yechury said that on Wednesday  afternoon, the Draft Political Resolution was introduced to the Party Congress by the General Secretary.  As is the tradition of vigorous inner-Party democracy practised by the CPI-M, this Draft Resolution was released two months in advance and all Party members had the right to send amendments directly to the Central Committee. 4,001 amendments were received by the Central Committee, in the stipulated time. All of them have been considered and a Report on Pre-Congress Amendments was presented by the General Secretary to the Congress listing out those that have been accepted by the Central Committee and placed before the Congress- Yechury said.

Discussion on Draft political resolution

Discussion on the Draft Political Resolution began on Thursday morning. 12 delagates from 12 states had taken part in the discussion till afternoon. They are: P Rajeev (Kerala), Srijan Bhattacharya (West Bengal,) R Badri (Tamilnadu), Uday Narkar (Maharashtra), Haripada Das (Tripura), Lalan Chaudhary (Bhiar), Ram Gopal (Andhra Pradesh), Prakash Viplav (Jharkhand), Janardan Pati (Odisha), Isfaqur Rahman (Assam), Dhuli Chand (Rajasthan) Balakrishna Shetty (Karnataka).The discussion will be concluded by Friday noon and the resolution will be adopted- Yechury said.