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Of the 20 artists to attend the camp, 10 are from outside Kerala - 4 of them are Keralites and the rest 6 are non-Keralites

National Art Camp and Village Art Festival to be held at Enkakad from Dec 21 to 25

Web Desk‌Updated: Monday Dec 19, 2022

Enkakad, Thrissur: Ni Fest 7, seventh edition of the annual national art camp and village art fest organized by Niracharthu Art and Cultural Society, will be held from December 21 to 25, 2022 at Enkakad, a sleepy village near Wadakkanchery, 21 kms from Thrissur. The national camp, curated by artist S. N. Sujith, will have 20 artists, including Aji VN, Anjaneyulu Gundu, P. S. Jalaja, Jyothi Basu, Leon KL, Madhav Imartey, Madhu Das, Mahula Ghosh, Parvathi Nayar, Ratheesh T, Reghunadhan K, Santhan Velayudhan, Sarika Mehta, Shahul Hameed, Sharmi Chowdhury, Shyam Sunder, Sudayadas, Sumesh Balakrishnan, Unnikrishnan C and Vinod Balak. In addition to these visiting artists, many others from nearby localities will also join the camp. Niracharthu camps are structured on open avenues in the village, with artists getting the opportunity to choose their place of work anywhere in and around the hamlet. Further, artists are accommodated in the houses within the village, thus providing them an opportunity to have the touch and feel of the village’s local culture and hospitality.       

The five day camp is associated with village art festival with folk and classical art performances that lights up the evenings. “Mizhavil thayampaka”, (instrument percussion) by Kalamandalam team, “Charadu kuthi kolkkali” (folk performance with sticks and threads) by women’s group from Kannur, Theatre sketches by Thrissur drama team, “Sangeetha Samanwayam” (Musical notes) by Kavalam Sajeevan and team and performances by local artists are the performance art programs planned in Ni fest 7. BFA students of Raja Ravi Varma College, Mavelikkara, are conducting a print exhibition, based on the theme, “Indian architecture”. A photo exhibition by Renjth Raveendran, Kannur, featuring Theyyams, is also included. Ni fest is dedicated to the fond memories Art historian and Author, late Vijayakumar Menon who was mentor and guru of Niracharthu. On an evening function, planned on 23rd December, Malayalam literary stalwart, Prof M. K. Sanu, would dedicate the program. Camp review by art critic, Premjish Achari, would be followed. Artist round table and open house by camp participants, led by curator S. N. Sujith, is scheduled on Dec 24th evening. Slide show presentations by participating artists would also be part of Ni fest. These programs are planned at three different venues within the village. The camp sites vary depending on the location preferences of artists and thus the whole village becomes, sort of a canvas!


About the initiative
Niracharthu was founded in 2014 by a village community with the objectives of reviving the artistic spirits of the village fold, grooming next generation artists and building the culture of art appreciation among common men. The society has conducted six national camps and village art festivals till 2020. The team regularly conducts programs including Children’s painting workshops, Art camps, Art exhibitions, Portfolio presentations by artists, Film festivals, Public graffiti etc. Niracharthu runs an art residency, Nidarsana, in the same village premise where artists from all parts of the country stay and work. Ni talks, an online art presentation series initiated during lockdown times, presented 60 artists and their works, including Sudhir Patwardhan, Rekha Rodwittiya, Shibu Natesan, Aji V. N., Bose Krishnamachari, Sunil Gawde, Shakuntala Kulkarni, Arun Kumar H. G., Tom Vattakuzhy and T Venkanna.


Niracharthu has so far touched many chords with varied sections of society. In addition to the enthusiastic participation of local populace, a host of Writers, Artists, Intellectuals, Art enthusiasts and Students throng to the venue during the program days. Niracharthu is primarily funded through revenue from sale of paintings to well-wishers and collectors around the globe. The society runs a gift coupon program where camp paintings are awarded as gifts. Anyone can buy Rs 200 worth coupons and participate in the program. Through this scheme, yearly ten works of eminent artists reach local homes, who may not otherwise be able to own them. Niracharthu is financially self-sustaining and spends the additional revenue for promoting art & cultural activities and aiding public schooling. Thus art is used as a tool to fund public causes.   

After the lock down, Niracharthu restarted the on-ground programs with a prelude event during November 18-20. Children’s painting workshop, Theatre workshop and Film fest celebrating Malayalam film star, late KPAC Lalitha who was also neighbour and well-wisher of the society, were part of the event. Preparations for the art fest are afoot, neighbourhood walls are being adorned with graffiti, installations are being done on streets and art practices are going on at local homes. The team enthusiastically awaits artists and enthusiasts for Ni fest 7.







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