21 July Sunday

Hindutva Mission Will Not Enter Tamil Nadu

V K AnusreeUpdated: Saturday Apr 9, 2022

Even at a time the RSS and BJP are making momentous efforts to get a grip inside the state, Tamil people are firm in their stand to keep the communal and far right ideology permanently out of their territory. CPI-M, along with DMK and other secular forces, will continue to resist their divisive policies and protect the cultural diversity the State had been proud of since Sangam period, says K Balakrishnan, State Secretary of CPI-M in Tamilnadu in Kannur. He was speaking to Deshabhimani on the sidelines of the 23rd Party Conference in Kannur.

Sangh has no role in temples
In Tamil Nadu, a State with rich cultural diversity, there were about 30 well known women poets in Sangham Period, which preceded Vedic Period. Avvaiyar is a classic example. We have the practice of  Muslims going to Hindu temple and vice versa to offer prayers. During the chariot festival in Chidambaram temple and during Masi Makam festival, Muslims are the first ones to offer prayers. In Madurai, when Azhagar comes to visit Meenakshi, he visits Muslim families on the way. Recently, the Sangh Parivar has been demanding the Muslims not to enter Hindu temples. People will strongly resist such efforts.

Of late, the Sangh Parivar is using the temples as a centre for their communal propaganda. It is the stand of the CPI--M that religious places are for the believers. The RSS has nothing to do with temples or beliefs. That is  why we have decided to take part in temple festivals and be part of the temple committees if possible. The right wing misinterpreted it as our recourse from an ideological stance. But, we are strongly resisting the efforts to communalise places of worship. CPI-M has always been in the forefront to protect secularism and religious harmony. We have decided to strengthen that stand in the state conference recently held in Madurai.

Where were  they when we were fighting to eradicate untouchability from our villages?  Would they support a temple entry movement? Would they call for 'one village, one graveyard' in the least?. Whatever love they have been showing towards Dalits, is for their political vested interest only.

Struggle against untouchability
The Untouchability Eradication Front we formed 12 years back now serves as an umbrella of about 100 anti caste organisations. Our works for the marginalised and the downtrodden have again come up for discussion with the release of the movie `Jai Bhim'.

CPI-M has contested in the local body elections, either as a joint front with DMK and or independently. We have attained considerable progress both in terms of vote share and in the number of seats in all the Municipalities and Corporations. We now have six councillors in Chennai Corporation. Our comrade has become Deputy Mayor in Madurai Corporation. DMK is a strong supporter of secular, federal values. Still, if the public interests are sacrificed, the Party will stay and fight for the people.

Disruption of 
federal system and resistance 
from states
The BJP  led Union Government is stealing power and pressurising the states  day by day. The non BJP states should form a joint front and fight against the anti federal policies of the Union Government. Participation of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M K Stalin in the seminar in connection with the Party Congress gives renewed hopes to the secular minds of the entire country.

Even in the past, such exchanges were happening regularly. Former Chief Ministers of Kerala and Tamil Nadu E K Nayanar and M Karunanidhi participated in a similar seminar organised by Jyothi Basu Government in West Bengal in the past. It is unfortunate that certain parties fail to understand the importance of forming a strong secular alliance against the BJP Government.