07 July Thursday

Federalism under attack : Pinarayi Vijayan

Web Desk(Kannur)Updated: Thursday Apr 7, 2022

CPI-M and the present LDF Government are taking up measures to redress the grievances of the downtrodden and to build up a modern developed state- Politburo member and Chairman of the organising committee Pinarayi Vijayan said. He also pointed out that the State Government is following up on the document adopted in the Kerala state conference of the party last month in this regard. He was delivering the welcome address in the inaugural session of the 23rd Party Congress of CPI-M commenced in Kannur on Wednesday.

`The present LDF Government is focussing on rapid overall development of the state and to ensure social security. The Government proposes to eliminate extreme poverty, provide food security and to give secure homes and a clean environment to every homeless family.
We are also trying our best to implement the semi high speed rail system making travel possible from the southernmost to the northernmost district in Kerala in 4 hours. All efforts are made to get the approval from the Union Government. The opposition parties in the State are raising illogical arguments to stall the project. The Government believes in developing infrastructure while doing justice to the people who have to move out of their homes.

The party is organising mass campaigns to drive home this point. Economic growth, social justice, and protection of environment are being given equal importance while implementing projects by the State Government.

Kerala has shown the way not only in the field of struggles, but also in successfully implementing alternative policies within the limited power available for the State Government. We are in times when the federal nature of our polity is under attack. State Governments' limited financial powers are being further restricted- he added.