04 October Wednesday

"Don't Sell, Protect 
National Assets" : 23rd Party Congress Resolution

Web Desk‌Updated: Sunday Apr 10, 2022

In a resolution the 23rd  Party Congress of the CPI-M calls upon the people of our country to mobilise and build resistance to the Union government's anti-national and anti-people project of National Asset Monetisation Pipeline. The Party Congress declares that this anti-national design of loot on national assets shall not pass.

The BJP government led by Modi has unveiled a four-year National  (Asset) Monetisation Pipeline (NMP) aiming to garner Rs 6 lakh crore.  The NMP is aimed at handing over huge functional infrastructural  assets of the country to private corporate companies and big business  houses, including foreign MNCs. The corporate cronies of the BJP  government will be allowed to mint huge money utilising the assets built with people's money and labour. In the same line many BJP led state governments are also started the exercise of gifting the state owned assets and land to private corporations.

The task before the Party and the entire working class movement is to  develop decisive and determined struggles against the loot and handing  over of people's assets to big business, domestic and foreign, in the  name of monetisation of assets. The BJP-led Union government claims that the NMP involves only a lease of assets, not their sale. But there is no guarantee that the assets will be returned to or taken back by the government at the end of the lease period in the same conditions as at the time of lease.