20 May Friday
CPI(M) units should be available at arm's length for all essential services, said Kodiyeri

Coronavirus : Get Involved, Help People In Distress : Kodiyeri Balakrishnan

Web Desk‌Updated: Friday Jan 21, 2022

Thiruvananthapuram : All party units, workers, feeder organisations must come forth actively to help people reeling under the third wave, said CPI(M) State Secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan. The world and India is in the grips of the third wave. Kerala being no exception, there are huge surges happening everywhere. To confront the situation, the government has made preparations on war-footing and is mobilizing all resources based on situation assessment made on daily basis. The local self-government establishments too are exceptionally active in the current phase.

Even so, to tackle this dreadful pandemic, people’s groups and voluntary organisations have to come to forth more decisively. Like in the first and second wave, CPI(M) workers, supporters and party organisations must play exemplary role in helping the needy. Delta and Omicron variants are catching on simultaneously. It would be disastrous to take Omicron lightly. It is an highly transmissive variant owing to which the guidelines from the government and the Health Department should be followed completely.

Vaccinated persons mostly are not struck much seriously. In India, Kerala has the highest number of vaccinated persons in terms of  state population ratio  . Vaccination points have been set up in schools for inoculating  students -  a role model for rest of the country. Despite  these measures, the spread is very acute however. All sections of the society must backup efforts of the government and local bodies to fight the situation.

All units of party should help with disaster relief at this time. Help Desks should be started at Local level. Branches should take up active role. Food and medicines should be fetched to the distressed. Ambulance services should be run  in stretches wherever possible. Arrangements must be made where possible  to deliver medical oxygen and masks too. /CPI(M) organisations  should stay within hand’s reach when it comes to rendering essential services, said Kodiyeri in a statement.