01 October Saturday

UAE extends travel ban for another 10 days

Anas YassinUpdated: Friday Apr 30, 2021

Manama :  The UAE on Thursday extended its travel ban for India until May 14, 2021, due to the worsening Covid-19 situation in the country.

According to reports, travel agents have been told that the suspension of carriage of passengers from India to the UAE on flights has been extended for another 10 days.

Emirates airlines confirmed the extension of the travel ban for all arrival from India as it responded to passenger queries on Twitter.

In a circular sent to its travel partners, Emirates Airline on Thursday said the suspension will be in place until May 14.

Many travel agents in the UAE and India confirmed receiving the circular.

Passengers who have transited through India in the last 14 days are not permitted to board from any other point to the UAE.

Amid a massive surge in both Covid cases and deaths in India, the UAE suspended all incoming flights on national and foreign carriers from India starting April 25.

Transportation of passengers from the Gulf country to India will continue to be allowed as well as cargo flights.

The ban is being applied to those carrying transit passengers, with the exception of transit flights coming to the UAE and heading onward to India. Travellers who were in India in the last 14 days prior to coming to the UAE is not allowed. All other protocols of the ban remain in force.