29 October Friday
Girls and boys shall sit segregated with partition in between. At no point shal the two sexes mingle

Taliban Releases Bizarre Guideline For Girls’ Education In Universities

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Monday Sep 6, 2021

 Kabul : Taliban comes out with bizarre restrictions in its guideline for girls’ education at universities. Girls attending university must wear abaya robe and niqab covering all of their face. Inside the classrooms, boys and girls must sit segregated, partitioned by a curtain. Only women teachers shall take classes for girls and there shall be  separate  doors of entrance for girls and boys. So the two sexes don’t mingle,  girls should be let off 5 minutes prior to interval. Girls must remain in the rest room until all boys headed home have left the campus, read the guideline. The order comes issued as private universities in the country prepare to re-open.

Taliban claims it has captured Panjshir
Meanwhile, Taliban announced it has captured Panjshir completely – the anti-Taliban stronghold located north of Kabul that held out against the militant group so far. It released images of  Taliban fighters standing in front of the governor’s office there and Taliban flag  swaying from atop the office’s flagpole. Taliban and opposition headed by local leader Ahmad Massoud had battled for days for control of the valley. Panshir had remained out of bounds for Taliban during their rule between 1996 and 2001.