02 December Wednesday

Saudi to localize marketing professions, MoU signed

Anas YassinUpdated: Wednesday Oct 28, 2020

A job fair held in Asir, Saudi Arabia. Image: SPA File Photo

Manama: A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between three major bodies of the government to develop a mechanism for the implementation localisation in the marketing-jobs in the private sector, according to a media report.

Under the MoU signed by officials from the Saudi Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, the Human Resources Development Fund and the Marketing Association, they will endeavour to localise the marketing profession in the Saudi private sector by upgrading skills and professional standards of the Saudis and boosting their competitiveness in a bid to replace expats with them, Okaz newspaper reported.

Before identifying the jobs to be localized, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development will study the current situation in the marketing sector. They will coordinate with related agencies to draw up training courses for the targeted professions and work to fulfil the agreed localisation targets. The Human Resources Development Fund will, meanwhile, conduct job fairs across the kingdom, enabling the private sector to achieve employment aims as well as the job seekers to be aware of the opportunities.

The Marketing Association will classify the targeted jobs based on market needs. It will also determine training needs, prepare training content and they will be responsible for licensing marketing experts. The curriculum will include courses required to mold marketing-experts.

The three sides have agreed to set up a joint working committee to specify the targeted marketing jobs and aims according to a detailed timetable, the report said.

Although there are no official figures about the exact numbers of expats working in the marketing field in Saudi Arabia, authorities calculated that thousands of local youth will be able to find permanent employment in the country's vast marketing sector. The mechanism aims to replace the foreigners in the marketing sector with the locals. The project also envisages to upgrade the skills of the locals as per the requirements of the growing labor market. 

According to reports, millions of foreigners, including Keralites, are working in the marketing sector in Saudi.